Dar Chmezzine...remote, introvert village

Tue 10 May 2016 at 11:34 Know Lebanon

Written by FadiaDaaboul
Translated by YaraBerbery

NNA - While it is similar to other small towns in Koura and conserves its rural heritage character, Dar Chmezzine overlooks a large forest of olive trees. Located in Koura in North Lebanon, 400 meters above sea level, this town became famous after its daughter, Sally Jreij, was crowned Miss Lebanon 2014.

The only access to this town is from Amioun village, hence is it a blessing or a malediction?

Maybe it is a malediction because it is not open to other towns, making it geographically isolated in terms of lack of participation in development projects with other towns, but it is a blessing because it preserves its rural character in terms of calmness, environment, and uniqueness.

In fact, the name of the town means "tortured people" and derives from the fact that there is a temple for the worship of planets present long time ago.

250 is the estimated number of people living in the town, they are from Orthodox and Maronite communities.

A number of important projects is currently carried out in the town, notably the expansion of interior roads and the entrance to the town from Amioun highway, the development of new agriculture spaces, sports fields, and a new public park.

The head of the municipality, engineer Karim Abou Karim, expressed his content for the council's performance.

According to Mayor Elias Chahine, the country enjoyed a social cohesion, but it witnessed during war a massive migration like other villages in Koura.

As for the poet Maurice Najjar, a cultural renaissance took place in this town after the emergence of some poets, writers, and intellectuals, as well as a prospering construction.

In the town, a mill owned by Maurice Salem & Sons was founded in 2006 to encourage people to upkeep their lands of olives and not to neglect them. This mill maintains the quality of oil. It attracts farmers during the harvest season.

There are many prominent figures in it, to name a few, Miss Lebanon 2014, Sally Jreij, Dr. Esper Chahine, and TouficYounes known as El Bulbul.

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