Aoun tells Baabda interlocutors post cabinet formation stage strictly devoted to bolstering economy, reforms

Fri 01 Jun 2018 at 15:14 Politics

NNA - President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, welcomed on Friday head of the European Union Mission in Lebanon, Cristina Lassen, at Baabda Palace.

“The phase that will follow the formation of a new government will be strictly devoted to addressing the economic and social conditions in Lebanon, with focus on maintaining security stability and following up on the return of Syrian refugees to their country,” Aoun told Lassen.

The President also stressed that reforms would top of the future Government's attention, in addition to completing the implementation of development projects, particularly with regard to securing additional electrical supply and implementing water dam and transport network projects.

"All leaders see eye-to-eye on the need to fight corruption, and those positions need to be translated into actual commitments," Aoun stressed, expressing optimism that "a strong government will be formed soon."

In turn, Lassen said that the European Union was looking forward to working with the new Parliament on the many challenges facing the country. She also expressed hope that fruitful discussions among Lebanese party leaders will lead to the quick formation of a government which keeps the momentum towards the full functioning of state institutions and ensures the implementation of important economic and structural reforms.
Ambassador Lassen also discussed with the President the urgency of anti-corruption efforts as a priority for the government and a prerequisite for increased investments and economic growth. She conveyed to the President the EU's support on this, in the context of jointly following-up on the Rome, CEDRE and Brussels Conferences held earlier this year in support of Lebanon's security institutions, the economy and tackling the consequences of the Syria crisis, with a view to making the most of the support provided by the international community.  
With respect to the regional situation, Ambassador Lassen expressed concern about increasing tensions and urged all parties to contribute to reducing tensions and supporting solutions that further stability and security.

Separately, the President welcomed at Baabda Palace MP Nehme Afram, who explained after the meeting that talks with Aoun focused on an array of hot files that involve the Lebanese arena, particularly the economic conditions and the ways to secure employment for young people.

Also, President Aoun had an audience with MP Antoine Pano. The pair held a tour de horizon on local and regional developments.

In presence of Ambassador Ricardo Larriera of Argentina, President Aoun received a delegation from the Lebanese Community in Argentina headed by the President of the "Lebanese Club in Rosario County", Nestor Hajj, who spoke at the beginning of the meeting on behalf of the delegation and briefed President Aoun on the situation of the Lebanese community in Argentina in general, and in Rosario County in particular, as well as on the activities of the Lebanese club in it.

Hajj commended the president’s efforts holding parliamentary elections and forming a new government.

For his part, Aoun welcomed the delegation, expressing content concerning the success of the Lebanese people deployed all across the world.

“There is no doubt that the Lebanese deployment has no borders in the world, and it stretches from the North Pole to the south, so Lebanon has been regarded as a cosmic homeland. Our land is very small, but our people cover the whole world. "

The president called on the delegation to "visit it on regular basis," stressing that "every Lebanese immigrant must know more about his/her roots,” noting the importance of opening a direct airline between Lebanon and Madrid, “a thing which makes it easier for the Lebanese deployed in Latin America to visit their motherland.”

=============Rana Hajj

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