(Update) Nasrallah deems US Jerusalem decision aggression against Muslims, Christians: Holy sites in great danger, Al-Aqsa in jeopardy

Thu 07 Dec 2017 at 19:44 Politics

NNA - Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, slammed in a televised word “Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Al-Quds as the capital of the Israeli entity.”
“We feel as though, 100 years after the first Balfour Declaration, we now face a second Balfour Declaration. I would like to tackle three headlines: realizing the magnitude of the danger, understanding the indicators of such a US decision, and knowing the position that needs to be taken," Sayyed Nasrallah said.
"Voices will resonate throughout the Arab world, saying that what has happened is of no value, only to underestimate the seriousness of this decision. We are all aware of how the Israeli entity has no respect for international resolutions or conventions," he said.
"Sanctities are in serious danger and the Al-Aqsa Mosque is in jeopardy," the Hezbollah Secretary General said. "Do not be surprised if, one day in the near future, you wake up to the news that Al-Aqsa Mosque has been demolished."

"Israel is not concerned with what the Arabs, the Europeans, the Russians or the Chinese have to say. What matters to it is the American position. For decades, the governments of Israel have been trying to Judaize Al-Quds, but the US administrations sometimes allowed that and often times prevented the Judaizing steps."

"This fact highlights the seriousness of the new US position; Trump has told Israel ‘Jerusalem is yours and under your jurisdiction’. The American tactical barrier has been removed. The enemy government no longer has boundaries to respect, in the wake of the US position. It is now that danger has amplified: What will be the fate of the Palestinian population in Al-Quds and all their property there? Will they be confiscated or destroyed? (...) Settlements will be built with no control whatsoever. Jerusalem will expand towards the West Bank," Nasrallah warned.
"There are a number of risks arising from this decision, especially if it is faced with silence. A nation that remains silent over Al-Quds' being forcefully snatched from its history is a nation that can give up anything else coveted by the US administration," Sayyed Nasrallah argued.

"The whole world rejects this decision and stands against it. However, Trump does not listen to anyone neither does he respect anyone."
"Where is the USA's respect for the international community? What we have witnessed is utter underestimation to all the governments of the world. Trump realizes that this decision of his is an insult and an aggression against one and a half billion Muslims and hundreds of millions of Christians," he corroborated.

"What Trump has done represents a blatant violation of international resolutions. (...) This reflects an administration that has no guarantees, which means that we lack security in a world that is governed by the whims of the man who lives in the White House," Nasrallah said, wondering "what the value of America's allies in the Arab world was."
"Arab peoples must understand that they are worth nothing to Trump and the United States," he stressed.

"We are facing a blatant US aggression against Al-Quds, its people, its sanctities, its civilizational identity and its people. Amidst this aggression, we are asked to shoulder our responsibility."
"Condemnation is the least we can do. (...) All forms of protest must be heard by the US administration as they resonate throughout the world," Nasrallah said.
"We will not talk much about severing relations with the United States but US ambassadors must be summoned and informed of the official rejection [of the decision]."
"Measures must be taken so as to solidify the stance and exert pressure on the States to suspend the decision. This is not impossible to achieve; evidence to that is the fact that the country has withdrawn several decisions before. (...) Trump claims that what he did is for Israel's sake and in the interest of the peace process. You must prove him wrong by ending the secret and public contacts with Israel."

Calling for "an Arab summit and a clear and binding decision for all the members of the Arab League that Al-Quds is the eternal capital of the State of Palestine," Nasrallah said "among the repercussions is what senior Palestinian leaders have called for; a new Palestinian 'Intifada' and full support from the Arab and Islamic world to the Palestinian people if they decide to carry out that Intifada."

"We must call upon all countries and governments of the Arab and Islamic world to stop the ongoing wars and conflicts, and end the war on Yemen and that in Libya and elsewhere," the Hezbollah leader added.

"In Lebanon, there is a national consensus on the Al-Quds cause for it concerns every Lebanese, Arab, Muslim and Christian," he said, calling in this regard for "a massive popular demonstration to denounce the US aggression and express solidarity with Palestine and its sanctities."

"Let us gather on Monday afternoon in Dahye, at a location to be determined later, to carry the slogan of defending Al-Quds, standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people and expressing our rejection, denunciation and condemnation to the US arrogance," Nasrallah concluded.


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