Frangieh from Ayn Teeneh: Vote for me with blank ballot paper

Sat 29 Oct 2016 at 18:21 Politics

NNA - House Speaker Nabih Berri convened on Saturday at Ayn Teeneh with MP Sleiman Frangieh, who told the press after the meeting that he does not intend to withdraw his candidacy but wants to make a statement by urging his supporters to cast a white ballot paper.

The meeting was also attended by Minister Ali Hassan Khalil and MP Asaad Hardan.

Frangieh said the visit was to thank Berri for his support and the support of his Bloc for his candidacy.

"Our calculations led us to transform each vote for Sleiman Frangieh to a protest vote; hence, our battle is to register blank votes," said Frangieh as he asserted that he and his bloc would attend the electoral session and cast white votes.

He denied that anyone requested him to do so. His actions stemmed from the fact that the elections have become a matter of consensus rather than a battle.

When asked about rumours that those who would not vote for Aoun would be deprived of a seat in Cabinet, Frangieh brushed the matter off and exclaimed, "may God keep them happy."


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