Pharaon hopes all matters would be addressed prior to election session

Wed 26 Oct 2016 at 12:06 Politics
NNA - Tourism Minister Michel Pharaon said in an interview with the Orient radio station, in response to a question about election session on Monday "the matter was resolved by a mechanism developed by most political parties and authorities on the one hand and the Christian agreement reached between Lebanese Forces leader, Samir Geagea, and Change and Reform bloc Head, MP Michel Aoun, on the other hand, with the support of most of the Christian references."

"Also, the veto was lifted by a third party off the nomination of General Michel Aoun which gave him political legitimacy to become president and gave Future movement leader Saad Hariri the same political legitimacy to head the government," Pharaon said.

"This formula came as a result of a two-year course, and we expect the election to happen, and the national unity to be thus fortified," Pharaon added, hoping for reforms and not outbids to prevail over the upcoming stage.

"There are a lot of things yet to be resolved (...) and there are many gaps," he noted however, hoping that all the matter would be resolved prior to the election session.


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