Gemayel: Hard for outside to decide on presidential file

Sun 13 Dec 2015 at 14:11 Politics

NNA - It's pretty hard for the outside to decide on a presidential election file, Kataeb party boss Sami Gemayel, told fresh oath-taking party affiliates gathered at the party's main Ashrafiyeh office today.

As the Phalange party struggles for a state governed by a genuine rule of law, we aspire for a full sovereign nation armed by potent army and security capable of preserving the interior while maintaining strict neutrality vis-a-vis others' tragedy, Gemayel added.

It is therefore, high time for us to acknowledge the failure of our regime and we're badly in need of a new electoral law to stave off the likelihood of staying without a cabinet for a full year, he said. We suffer from poor political performance with the loyalty of the majority of our parties being staked on the outside, he stressed. What a shame for any president to be installed from outside, Gemayel concluded.


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