National Bloc: Meddling in others affairs strangles Lebanon with isolation, sanctions

Mon 29 Jun 2020 at 16:55 Politics
NNA - The Lebanese National Bloc Party described the meeting of some officials in Baabda yesterday as the "pinnacle of schizophrenia and arrogance towards the Lebanese," and responded to the participants comments, considering that the "reserve of an entire people vanished", and that "he who fails to appoint forest rangers" is not even able to "think of developing the system." The Bloc asserted that meddling in others affairs left the door wide open for "others to interfere in our own affairs, and strangled Lebanon with isolation and sanctions."

Read the full statement below:

The meeting of Baabda hill was the pinnacle of schizophrenia and arrogance towards the Lebanese.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab summed up in one sentence the outcome of Baabda meeting by saying that "Lebanese do not expect fruitful results from this meeting. They do not care about what we say anymore; they only care about what we will do." Referring to what his Cabinet has achieved he said, "it was constituted on the ruins of the crisis, and was able to mitigate the impact on the reserve and contain its implications"; this is where the schizophrenia begins. It seems that Prime Minister Diab is unaware that the "reserve" of an entire people vanished and that hunger, poverty, and unemployment became the only "implications" that the citizens are feeling. MP Gebran Bassil added that "without confidence, we do not hope for a solution." Apparently, he is still considering that he is, along with the ruling system, bolstered by the citizens confidence.

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri supported him when he spoke about the need to "develop the system and gradually move towards the civil State." This is Lebanons dream since its inception, but what is certain is that he who fails to appoint forest rangers, and contents himself with commending the "Rights of Christians" is not even able to think of developing the system.

Mohammad Raad, head of the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc, called for the protection of Lebanon from foreign interference, as if he was unaware that our meddling in others affairs leaves the door wide open for others to interfere in our own affairs, and strangles Lebanon with isolation and sanctions.

A ruling system that no one trusts, or expects it to do anything, is turning its failures into achievements and calling for the system development, while the main ailment is the ruling system itself, and calling for its ouster is the only hope we have."


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