"Their interest is their priority," says Chidiac

Fri 22 Nov 2019 at 17:07 Twitter

NNA - On the occasion of Lebanon's Independence Day, Caretaker State Minister for Administrative Development, May Chidiac, said via her twitter account: "On the glorious 76th Independence Day, and amidst the citizen's thirst for a strong, pure state, some still insist on an archaic language for fear of losing their thrones...They still insist on a government of politicians under the cloak of specialists, based on the pretext of guaranteeing the Parliament's confidence, while ignoring a reality imposed by the squares...A hopeless case, their interest remains their priority!"

On different note, Chidiac paid tribute to the memory of Martyr Pierre Gemayel in another tweet, saying: "During said period, Lebanon lost a young man who died in defense of its sovereignty, freedom of its people and the independence of its territory...one who refused to submit and was the loud voice of his country's youth. May the Lord rest his soul in peace, the Prince of March 14th podiums, the martyr of the Cedar Revolution and all of Lebanon, and a role model for every young man who wished to liberate the homeland from tyranny and guardianship."

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