Hawat from Jbeil: $11 million from the Bank of Japan to rehabilitate the roads of Jbeil Casa

Sat 10 Aug 2019 at 17:51 Economy

NNA - "Strong Republic" Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP Ziad Hawat, announced Saturday that "contacts are underway with the Development and Reconstruction Council to carry out more development projects for the villages of Jbeil district with funding from the World Bank."

He disclosed herein that "11 million dollars from the Bank of Japan have been granted to rehabilitate a number of roads in the district of Byblos, so that the network of roads will be almost complete with the Saints Road."

Hawat's words came during his patronage of the launching of the road linking the Jbeil-Amchit highway to the entrance of the villages of al-Harf, after rehabilitation and expansion works, which would serve to ease traffic jams in the area.

"We need to work with each other to develop the district of Byblos because this region needs a lot of development projects, and we hope that we all work in cooperation with the mayors and municipalities to reach the desired goal," said Hawat.

He called on the Ministry of Finance to "release the funds belonging to the municipalities," adding, "If they do not want to achieve balanced development in the country, let them give municipalities their rights to play their developmental role. "

He also urged municipalities to work in solidarity for the interest of their towns and villages, away from narrow criticism and sensitivities.

At state-level, Hawat said: "It is true that we are going through the worst phase today, but our faith will remain strong in our country and we will continue the march. There must be a minimum level of communication between all components. We all have our opinions and views, but there must be a minimum level of communication and ethics in national work that we must maintain."

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