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Wed 07 Aug 2019 at 15:56 Agenda

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10:00 am        Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, Youssef Absi, inaugurates “Holy Cross Catholic Youth Meeting in the Middle East” in presence of President of Republic’s representative, Minister Salim Jreissati, ministers, deputies, and prominent figures. The opening ceremony will include two words, by Patriarch Absi and Minister Jreissati, and will take place at the Patriarchate meeting center in Labweh. 


11:00 am       Press conference on “Ministry of Labor’s plan to counter illegitimate labor in Lebanon” at the invitation of Lebanese and Palestinian rights organizations. It will take place at the Press Club – Alfa building, Chevrolet intersection.

12:00 pm      Press conference held by Minister of Telecommunications Mohammad Choucair at the same ministry’s residence to discuss Touch building in Beirut Central District.

4:45 pm        Final football championship game of 2019 season, at the invitation of The High Center for Military Sport directory, sponsored by Army Commander General Joseph Aoun, at Fouad Chehab Stadium – Jounieh.

7:30 pm       Awards ceremony for the military institution and its martyrs, at the invitation of Abra Municipality and Lebanon Youth Movement, in Sayidat Al Intical Church Square – Abra. A word will be given by mayor of the municipality Elie Mchantaf and head of the said movement Toni Farsan, and the Lebanese Army Martyrs’ Square will be unveiled.

8:00 pm       Lecture titled “Hospital and Social Services in Lebanon” presented by the Director-General of the State Employee Cooperative Dr. Yahya Khamis, at the invitation of the society of Lebanese intellectual thought, within the framework of the educational activities of Academic Dr. Salim Saad 2007-2019, supported by the Ministry of Education, at Ain Zhalta-Karm El Hajar-Salim Saad International Educational Center.





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