Lebanese Army explains circumstances of today's incident in Bsatin, Aley district

Sat 27 Jul 2019 at 15:06 Security & Law

NNA -The Lebanese Army issued a statement Saturday clarifying the circumstances of the incident that occurred in the area of Bsatin-Aley district this morning.

In details, the statement indicated that "while citizen Rayan Merhi, in an apparent drunken state, attempted to enter the courtyard of the building where Minister Saleh al-Gharib resides in the area of Bsatin-Aley district, the Army units at the military checkpoint in charge of the Minister's protection immediately intercepted Merhi. However, the incident developed into a clash when the personal body guards of Minister al-Ghairb intervened, causing a state of chaos and shooting that led to the injury of Merhi, who was rushed to hospital for treatment."

The statement added that the Army units took the necessary measures in the region following the incident, while the Internal Security Forces investigated the matter under the supervision of the concerned judiciary.

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