"Science Days" exhibition in Horsh Beirut: Creative scientific projects, practical experience, workshops, games, and much more!

Thu 08 Oct 2015 at 14:23 Know Lebanon

Written by  :  Mona Sukarrieh

Translated by : Lina Yahya Raydan

NNA - "Horsh Beirut" will witness an exceptional event within a few days. The location will host on 9, 10 and 11 October a distinguished exhibition, "Days of Science", which previously used to take place at the Hippodrome of Beirut every year.

The exhibition will be open for guests from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday (9 & 10 October) while as it will receive guests from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Sunday 11 , October.

The exhibition which spots the light on the scientific ideas and its creations and developments will take place in cooperation with the Municipality of Geneva and Switzerland's Embassy in Lebanon.

Many Universities, high schools and Institutes in Lebanon will participate in the exhibition by demonstrating their projects in about 30 kiosques (tents).

The cooperation between the Universities, High schools and Institutes in Lebanon and Geneva Municipality and the Switzerland Embassy in Lebanon have resulted in the "Days of Science" exhibition which be held every two years from now on. So, the next exhibition will take place in 2017.

The exhibition takes place under the supervision of Sheikh Malek El-Khoury and aims at explaining the unclear, ambiguous meaning of the word 'sciences'.

It is an educational, cultural scientific event founded in 2008 to bring together sciences and people in an interactive, simple, and fun way.

Due to its great success,  and despite  both the obstacles that it had encountered during the past years and the security causes, the exhibition not only continued but has also reached in its seventh session for this year new horizons which bring together students, parents, instructors, researchers, science lovers and more than 30,000 expected visitors. They all aim to discover the creative scientific concepts in a language understandable by everyone via cultural and educational methods presented by pioneer universities, schools, NGOs, Private and Public Institutes in Lebanon and represented in the most recent scientific creations, projects and experiences.

24 participants will present more than 45 projects which tackle various issues such as environment, biological diversity, physics and chemistry, biology and health, technology and Informatics, astrology, new creations, music and science.

The visitor can tour the exhibition to explore, observe and interact while enjoying a nice atmosphere and learning new topics about science.

Examples of the projects:

This year a project which combines science and excitement, under the title of “The Magic of Physics", will be presented. The project is embodied in a theoretical play accompanied with audio-visual effects which give the audience the opportunity to participate, win scientific awards, and comprehend the connection between the concepts of physics and daily life.

There will also be projects which will explain the other phases of chemistry, in addition to a series of "Know Yourself" coupled with amusing experiments just as microscopic shots to the cells of the cheeks and the invention of the smart lock instead of the trouble of carrying keys and misplacing them.

Moreover, there will be explanations to the meaning of the plane's black box, aqua agriculture, as well as boosting interaction between students and mathematics in smart fun ways and recycling waste and transforming it to energy.

There will also be kiosques  (tents) which will tackle the secrets of the human body just as the mind , the good nutritious behavior, in addition to  a special effort to explain music and its importance.

There will be a special podium where the development of the public music and an international archive prepared by Onthrography Museum in Geneva will be displayed. The archive includes audio records for more than 16 thousand hours of international music from the five continents.

The most important and prominent issue is that related to trash and cleaning; many hours of training and education will be allocated for this issue because "science is at the disposal of humanity".

Will dancing have a share in the exhibition? Switzerland Embassy in Lebanon will contribute in this section under a show entitled "Dance that gets people together". The show will be presented for one time only on Friday 9, October at 6:00 p.m next to the kiosque (tent) number 16.


In an interview accorded to the National News Agency (NNA), Malek El-Khoury -- the founder of the "Days of Science" and supervisor of its implementation -- said "this event has targets beyond those of regular exhibition. It aims at broadening the assembling space between people of science and the society, as well as spotting the light on the various scientific specializations and benefitting from that to build relations with the universities and fortify the scientific logic in the new generations.

2015 program

This event was planned in its seventh session to better reinforce its effectiveness and the development of its concept in order to include a more diversified rapprochement to quench the thirst of every explorer in a fun atmosphere.

“It was our dream to hold this event -- which we entitled 'Days of Science'—at Horsh Beirut" Khoury confirms.

Khoury added that he has been keen to find a link between the universities and concerned public institutions, hoping "Days of Science' would be a joint hall between the two parties.

Khoury hoped the economic bodies will take part in the next exhibition in 2017 to connect with the graduates of these universities, saying "our aim is to build bridges."

"We were not frustrated because we know that we are passing through a difficult situation. In this year's exhibition, we have projects which shed the light on how to transform trash to energy." Khoury concluded regarding the treatment of trash issue.


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