Jumblatt visits Hariri: We have common history

Tue 22 May 2018 at 20:03 Politics
NNA - Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri received this evening at the Center house the head of the Democratic Gathering, former MP Walid Jumblatt, in the presence of former ministers Bassem Sabeh, Ghattas Khoury and Wael Abu Faour.

After the meeting, Jumblatt said: "After I announced my support for Speaker Nabih Berri's election as Speaker of Parliament, the Democratic Gathering heads toward supporting the nomination of PM Saad Hariri as Prime Minister, but this will be confirmed officially in the consultations because I am not an MP anymore. The renewed Democratic Gathering will decide about this during its meeting tonight.

Question: What about the deputy speaker?
Jumblatt: As I mentioned earlier, I promised Speaker Berri to support his choice. There is a historical friendship that binds us. I know that some say that Elie Ferzli is pro-Syrian. Based on my friendship with Speaker Berri, I will ask some comrades to vote for Elie Ferzli and leave the choice for others to do what they want.

Question: Do you have any demands regarding the next government?
Jumblatt: There are demands, but there is a new head of the bloc, Taymour, and he will announce them.

Question: Aren't you his spiritual guide?
Jumblatt: I am not a spiritual guide. Leave this to other countries.

Asked about his relationship with Prime Minister Hariri, he said that Hariri explained to him a few things regarding the decisions about electricity, adding that he is not convinced about the BOT but not about other issues.

Question: How is your relationship with Prime Minister Hariri at this moment?
Jumblatt: At the moment it is good. In the end, we have a common history.

Question: you always talk about the history between you and then attack on Twitter?
Jumblatt: I do not attack him on Twitter, I once said that this needs to be adjusted and I will gradually withdraw from Twitter.

Question: Did you agree on the distribution of ministerial portfolios?
Jumblatt: No, not yet.

Question: How many portfolios do you want?
Jumblatt: Everything is due time, and I am not the one who demands, but the head of the bloc.

Question: Are you going to support the separation between parliamentary and ministerial posts?
Jumblatt: This is an old demand from Kamal Jumblatt and if everyone agrees, we will agree. If not, will I take the step alone?


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