Riachy announces transformation of 'Ministry of Information' to 'Ministry of Communication and Dialogue'

Tue 20 Feb 2018 at 14:18 Politics
NNA - Minister of Information, Melhem Riachy, announced in a press conference he held at the Ministry of Information on Tuesday the transformation of the "Ministry of Information" to the "Ministry of Communication and Dialogue".

"We will provide a new structure in support of journalists pending the House of Parliament's approval of the new editors' syndicate," the Minister said.

However, Riachy added that his announcement still awaited the approval of the Council of Ministers.

"Communication will be established with citizens on daily basis, in agreement with a private company that will function through a special mobile application. This application will devote a special section for the 'National News Agency' and another section titled 'Addressed to Officials'," Riachy said.

"Most importantly, the Ministry of Communication and Dialogue will include a circle of dialogue between the Lebanese and their communities, their officials, and their political parties, all in an attempt to abolish enmity among citizens," he added.

Riachy went on to explain that the dialogue platform would establish an infrastructure for dialogue with the other peoples of the world, with the exception of the Palestinian-Israeli dialogue.

"We are proud of whom we represent; we have laid the cornerstone for future generations and the Third Lebanese Republic. Congratulations to Lebanon -- I have fulfilled my promise, and now the whole matter is in the hands of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers," Riachy said.

The Minister of Information went on to confirm that only those who had passed the Tele-Liban competition were selected, regardless of their political affiliations.

"The reasons behind the obstructions that have been occurring will be announced in due time," Riachy promised, regretting the way things are being handled at a time when reform and change should prevail. He also implored the President of the Republic to place Tele Liban's dossier on the top of the forthcoming cabinet session's agenda.

"Every journalist should benefit from an old age pension fund and all the other rights," Riachy added.

He also pointed to a cultural misconception about the role of journalists in Lebanon, asserting that journalists should always support the daily affairs of citizens rather than those of rulers.

"There is no good reason enough not to endorse the new ministry structure that we have received from the Civil Service Council. I would be grateful if the government approves it," Riachy concluded.


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