Hezbollah hails confrontation of hostile aircrafts: Beginning of a new strategic stage to end the invasion of Syrian airspace, territory

Sat 10 Feb 2018 at 18:48 Politics

NNA - Hezbollah strongly condemned on Saturday "the continued Israeli aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic and its repeated targeting of Syrian military and civilian structures."

In a statement issued by the Party this afternoon, it commended "the vigilance of the Syrian Arab Army, which courageously responded to the Israeli enemy aircrafts and managed to shoot down an F-16 fighter jet."

"We deplore the blatant enemy's support of terrorism and Takfiri groups and its encroachment on the Syrian crisis line through aggression and threats," the statement added.

"We affirm that today's developments denote the categorical fall of ancient equations. We reaffirm our steadfast and strong stand by the Syrian people in defending their land, sovereignty and legitimate rights," Hezbollah statement concluded.

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