Adwan: Electoral law major achievement for all Lebanese

Wed 14 Jun 2017 at 19:54 Politics

NNA - "The new electoral law was made in Lebanon and it is an achievement for all Lebanese. The achievement is to be able to agree with everyone to reach common grounds, and today we have done just that," said Lebanese Forces Vice-President, MP George Adwan.

"The law is an achievement for all the Lebanese, not for one party or one sect. It is also the greatest achievement for the mandate which had bet on passing a new electoral law, and a victory for Prime Minister Hariri who accompanied us day and night," he said at a press conference.

"The law will give each party its volume. (...) This is what a democratic system is; such a system will bring along accountability," Adwan went on.

He pointed out that "the citizen is now responsible for building the future of his country and be held accountable without throwing the blame on others. It is our voice that will make the change we seek."

"Some considered that this law is to exclude a certain team, and I tell you that each team that can collect a 10% rate will be able to earn a parliamentary seat. The new law will create loyalty and opposition," he said.

"Firstly, the new law will allow radical reforms that begin with the magnetic card. Secondly, it will be enough to put a mark next to the candidate's image for the preferential vote on the basis of "one man one vote". Thirdly, we want the election supervision committee to be independent; composed of independent judges," he concluded, saluting the Lebanese Forces and its leader for the efforts exerted to reach that end.


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