Minister of Health inspects Karantina Hospital

Wed 05 Aug 2020 at 13:22 Miscellaneous

NNA - Minister of Public Health, Hamad Hassan, inspected the Government Hospital in Karantina to check on the damages that afflicted it as a result of the Beirut Port blast, announcing that the field hospital to be dispatched from Qatar will be put at its disposal.


Hassan said "the health sector was already struggling to combat the coronavirus pandemic, to which a new human and health catastrophe has now been added, which requires everyone to engage positively, from politicians to all friendly and brotherly countries, because we suffer a shortage in the number of beds and a lack of equipment to treat the injured and care for patients in critical condition."


"We must all try to salvage what can be salvaged, and all citizens are our responsibility," he asserted. "We are trying, as best we can, to bridge the gap resulting from the economic blockade and the exacerbated economic and financial crisis, to which has been added this new test and scourge as a result of the explosion."


"The number of victims currently stands at 100, and I unfortunately expect that number to increase because hundreds are contacting the Ministry of Health's hotline put in place to serve the citizens whose relatives' whereabouts remain unclear," Hassan explained.


"A large number of children have been rescued, as we learned from the hospital director, and they have been transferred to other hospitals," he added.


The minister finally stressed that "the Lebanese rise above all wounds, difficulties and barriers. We must join ranks for we do not have the luxury of time nor the luxury of theorizing."




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