Hashem: Rescue requires the efforts of both the pro-state and opposition sides

Sat 25 Jul 2020 at 15:08 Twitter

NNA - "The visits of foreign officials and the keen concern of their countries towards the prevailing situation in the country will not help if the Lebanese themselves are not aware of the ways to save their country, away from narrow sectarian and political calculations and searching for common grounds between all political forces, since the country's rescue needs concerted and complementary efforts of the loyalists and the opposition together," tweeted Development and Liberation Bloc Member, MP Kassem Hashem, on Saturday.

He added: "The continuation of the collapse may take the country to a state of chaos that some outside sides want for our country, in order to serve the Israeli enemy. Hence, this should push us to save our homeland with a national will, and to open the door for others to help us instead of lamenting over the ruins caused by certain policies!"


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