Abu Faour: We will give the government a chance, and we are not leading a campaign to bring down the covenant

Sun 09 Feb 2020 at 18:58 Politics

NNA – Member of the "Democratic Gathering" Parliamentary Bloc, MP Wael Abu Faour, said Sunday that the Bloc will accord the new government a chance, while denying that they are leading a campaign to bring down the current mandate.

“We will attend the confidence session, discuss and state our opinion, and we will give the government a chance,” he said. "We are proud of Manal Abdel Samad, but no one has consulted us regarding her name," clarified Abu Faour in an interview with "LBC" Channel earlier today.

"We are ready to be positive towards the government on the economic level, and it must make the decision to succeed and its first step would be political integrity," he asserted.

“There is a huge anger across the Lebanese public opinion regarding the credibility of all political structures, and people want a change in political performance, but accountability must be objective, not random and generalized,” Abu Faour explained.

“There is a need to restore the legitimacy of all constitutional institutions starting with the parliament on the basis of a new electoral law,” the MP went on, adding, "If the prevailing logic in the country does not change, then the owner of this logic must change, but we are not leading a campaign to bring down the covenant."

"The basic dossiers remain in the custody of the parties themselves, and the electricity plan remains the same," said Abu Faour. “If they return to deals and steamers in the electricity dossier, then where would the change be?” he questioned, adding, “This matter will cause great controversy in the cabinet, as well as in the parliament."

"PM Diab should know that there is a distance of integrity that he must take from the presidency and from the approach that prevailed in the country, and this is the main test for both himself and the government," deemed Abu Faour.

Asked about the relationship with the "Future Movement", the MP affirmed that "the calamity did not unite us… for the calamity had already befallen the country and we live in a poisoned political logic that has destroyed the state…Our problem is with the notion of the strong Christian, the strong Shiite and the strong Sunnite; our problem is with this logic that has led us to the damned presidential settlement!"

As for the relation with the House Speaker, he stressed that "the relationship with Speaker Nabih Berri is one of joint historical struggle, and a great common denominator between us is the Taif Agreement, though there is not necessarily a convergence in positions.”

Regarding the relationship with Hezbollah, Abu Faour said: "We agreed to organize our dispute, and this matter is satisfactory to both Hezbollah and the Progressive Socialist Party."

On the relations with the Lebanese Forces, Abu Faour described them as “good and normal”, noting that “the idea of returning to the March 14th coalition is not on our minds, neither on the minds of LF, Future nor the Kataeb."

On PSP’s outside relations, Abu Faour confirmed the continuation of contacts between the Party and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He considered that "the solution lies in restoring Lebanon's Arab relations," declaring that "soon there will be a visit by Walid Jumblatt to Moscow, as the relationship between PSP and Russia is historical despite the difference in views on the Syrian dossier.”



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