Rechdibbine, Koura's mountain of pines, where churches date back to ancient times

Thu 04 Feb 2016 at 11:18 Know Lebanon

Written by Michella Sassine

Translated by Daisy Khalil

NNA - It is in Koura, North Lebanon, 700 meters above sea level that Rechdibbine village is located, crowned with old and grand pine trees.
Here, churches dating back to ancient ages lie, a moderate climate prevails and a rich heritage dominates.

Why Rechdibbine?
In fact, the name of the town derives from "Rach Debo" which in Aramaic means the bear's head.
During the Roman era, 3000 before Christ, the place was named "Rach Divino" or the sacred mountain.
It was only in 1200 that it became Rechdibbine. This name signifies "the mountain of pines."

The historic monuments date back to the earliest eras of history. Two temples overlook the plain of Koura. They were built during the Roman presence and embody the greatest monuments of the Lebanese mountains.
Each column tells inhabitants the most important stages of the history of the locality.

The village's ancient churches date back not only to Roman times but also to Ottomans and Mamluks'. The Saydet Al-Chir (Our Lady) church is a natural cave that served as a refuge for people during the time of Ottoman persecution.

According to the town's Municipality head, Pierre Khoury, the project of an artesian well represented "the dream of the entire village."
"It is one of the most essential demands of the people," he confided to the National News Agency, pointing at the water needs of the community which frequently suffers lack or insufficiency.

Rechdibbine is also witnessing a renewing infrastructure. Khoury said in this context that "the municipality has completed the draft study of a road, based on the need to build bridges that allow citizens from the town to get to it as easily as possible."

The town, which has 1600 inhabitants, unfortunately witnessed wide brain drain to Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Venezuela, Australia and a number of European countries.


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