Lebanon's most prominent events in 2015: Presidential vacuum persists, waste crisis resolved

Wed 30 Dec 2015 at 21:05 Know Lebanon

NNA - Presidential vacuum continues to be the main issue in Lebanon for the second year in a row. 33 sessions, or rather attempted sessions, 12 dialogue sessions and still officials fail to elect a head of state for a republic that suffered a trash crisis. The crisis pushes the civil movement to pressure those in charge of solving the problem, especially after the closing down of Naameh landfill. In its final meeting, the Council of Ministers decided on a plan to export the trash.

The year 2015 also witnessed the liberation of the abducted servicemen held by Al Nusra Front; however, the Lebanese soldiers held by ISIS remain captive. Politically, the year witnessed a declaration of intentions memo between the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) and the Lebanese Forces (LF).

On the security level, suicide bombers shook the areas of Bourj al Barajneh and Jabal Mohssen, and left tens of victims and hundreds of injured. The NNA recalls also the assassination of Samir Kuntar, and numerous personal murders and attacks in several regions.

Economically, the food safety campaign persisted across Lebanese territories.

Regionally and internationally, the nuclear agreement eclipsed all other news. The Russian raids over Syria, the attacks in France and the drowning of a large number of refugees, including a Lebanese family, in the Mediterranean still resonate within the news. The stampede during the Hajj season in KSA and the launching of the Yemen operation also made headlines worldwide.

The NNA hopes that the new year brings peace to the region. Bellow we sum up the most important events of 2015 in Lebanon, the region and the world day by day.

January 2015


- Former Prime Minister, Omar Karami, passes away.

- Stampede during Shanghai New Year's celebrations kills 35, injures at least 40.

- Hand grenade found and then dismantled in a football stadium in Berkayel.

- One injured as sonar bomb detonates in Ain-el-Hilwe Palestinian refugee camp.


- Foreign Ministry lodges protest before Brazilian and Chilean Foreign Ministries over attacks on diplomats at the Lebanese Embassies in Brazil and Chile.

- Quandary between Ministries of Economy and Public Health over silos at Beirut seaport and sugar at Tripoli port.

- UN Chief, Ban Ki-moon, extends of three years the mandate of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

- New measures imposed to regulate the access and residence of Syrians in Lebanon.


- Airport Customs Administration foils two attempts to smuggle cocaine into Lebanon.


- Airport foils attempt to smuggle narcotics hidden inside wooden statues into Lebanon.

- Natural cave discovered in Majdal Zounin southern Lebanon.


- Second dialogue session kicks off between Hezbollah and Future Movement.

- Lebanese Daniel Khouarsanjian selected world's best Taekwondo referee.


- Suspension of air navigation movement due to Zina storm; schools suspend classes for three days.


- 17th Parliament session to elect president of the republic adjourned.

- 12 killed and tens injured in gunfire at Charlie Hebdo French weekly, after it had published caricatures insulting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


- Fire opened at number of mosques in France in the wake of attacks on Charlie Hebdo magazine.


- French troops kill Islamist brothers Kouachi, accused of bloody attack on Charlie Hebdo.


- Twin suicide bombing leaves 9 martyrs, 37 wounded at a café in Jabal Mohsen.


- Two relief planes arrive from Qatar to provide help following damages caused by Zina storm.

- Rally in France in condemnation of terrorism, with more than 50 leaders from around the globe participating.


- Security operation at Roumieh prison to seize illicit product; Interior Minister, Nohad Mashnouq, confirms what happened ended Roumieh jail saga.

- Cabinet approves amended plan on trash and extends work of Sukleen and Nehme landfill.


- Army announces arrest of suspect of suicide attack in al-Mankoubin.


- Bomb set for detonation dismantled on Tripoli-Zghorta highway.

- Saint Takla youth groups in Ain el-Jawze build first igloo in Lebanon.


- Army reveals that Intelligence Department foiled scheme to execute series of suicide bombings following Jabal Mohsen blasts.

- 120-kilo bomb dismantled inside booby-trapped car in Arsal.

- Islamic spiritual summit at Dar-al-Fatwa calls for adoption of international resolution on protecting religions and beliefs.

- Families of military hostages suspend escalation after presence of mediation confirmed.

- Aouni al-Kaaki elected as Head of the Press Order.

- 16/1

- Third round of dialogue between Hezbollah and Future Movement kicks off at Ain-el-Tineh.

- 4 rockets sourcing from Syria fall at al-Kabir River in Dbabiyeh.

- Stale foods seized at number of restaurants.


- 3 soldiers suffer from shortened breaths after Israeli enemy tosses smoke bomb at military outpost in Aita Shaab.

- Army confronts infiltration attempt in Wadi Hmayed; 3 gunmen injured.

- Bomb tossed nearby army vehicle in Bab el-Tabbaneh injures number of citizens.

- Israeli enemy combs area off borders from Kfarshouba till Abbassieh and al-Wazzani.

- Hezbollah eulogizes six fighters killed in an Israeli air strike on al-Amal farm in Syrian Qoneitra.


- Iran confirms killing of Iran's revolutionary guards' General Mohammad Ali Allah-Dadi in occupied Golan in Syria.

- Army patrol receives bullets while raiding homes in Baalbek; one soldier injured while four wanted arrested.


- Israeli enemy flies over different Lebanese regions, throwing thermal balloons over Western Sector from Naqoura until al-Qassimiyeh.


- Intensive Israeli flights over various Lebanese regions, tossing light bombs over the sea from Naqoura until al-Qassimiyeh and the towns of the Western Sector.


- Army seizes booby-trapped car in Ain Shaab.

- Army foils infiltration attempts in Arsal outskirts; number of gunmen killed.


- Army command eulogizes one officer, one Sergeant, and 3 soldiers, killed in Ras Baalback.

- Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz passes away.

- Explosion at ISIS security office in Arsal.


- Army command eulogizes 3 martyrs during clashes in Arsal outskirts.

- ISIS executes one Japanese hostage.


- U.S. Embassy in Beirut warns nationals during their presence in Lebanon.


- Anonymous cartridge kills Warrant Officer of the Internal Security Forces in Miryata.


- MEA suspends flights to Baghdad after gunfire at Emirati plane.

- Israeli enemy opens fire towards Syria in response to the fall of two rockets in occupied Golan.

- Casino du Liban sacked employees protest the administration's decision to evict 191 workers.

- Israeli military reinforcements in Shebaa farms.


- Islamic Resistance reveals that Qoneitra martyrs had targeted an Israeli military convoy in Shebaa farms; Israeli artillery retaliates by bombing number of border towns.

- Israeli air strikes on Syria after missiles fell in occupied Golan.

- Bomb dismantled near office for Fatah Movement in Ain-el-Hilwe Palestinian refugee camp.


- First operation in Lebanon to fix heart valve without the need of an open heart surgery, at Rizq Hospital, Beirut.

- ISIS execute second Japanese hostage.

- 13 companies to sell meat in Sabra definitively closed.


- Foreign Ministry lodges complaint before UN Security Council against Israel over violation of UN resolution 1701.

- Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, denounces rules of engagement and accentuates "legitimate right to confront hostilities anywhere, at any time."


- Bomb set for detonation found in Majdalia-Zghorta.

February 2015


- Six Lebanese killed, 20 injured in explosion of a Lebanese bus in Damascus.



- Number of houses damaged as gunfire from the Syrian side reaches the outskirts of Bani Sakhr in Wadi Khaled.

- Israeli occupation troops toss two light bombs on radar overlooking Shabaa.


- Joint House committees approve proposal on granting contract workers at public administrations full-time jobs.

- ISIS announces via video tape Jordanian pilot burning alive.


- Army bombs gunmen in Anti-Lebanon, rocket falls between al-Fakiha and Labwe.

- Jordanian authorities execute two in response to ISIS killing Jordanian pilot.


- Fish market in Quarantine closed for breaching food safety terms.

- Parties' flags and slogans removed in Beirut and Sidon.


- Public Health Ministry inspectors raid al-Faida and the industrial city in Zahle, close down butcheries.

- One killed, 3 injured in gunfire in Akkar outskirts.

- Houthis dissolve Parliament in Yemen, announce formation of five-member presidential council.


- Israeli troops toss two light bombs on radar overlooking Shebaa.


- 72 canons and 151 ammunition containers offered by the U.S. to the Lebanese military.

- 22 killed in clashes between police and Zamalek fans in Cairo.


- Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Beshara Boutros Rahi meets in Rome with the Director of the Middle East and Africa at the French Foreign Ministry, Jean-François Girault.


- Strong winds hit Lebanon, sea waves fling ship 30 meters off port, and seaside corniche linking Dbayeh to Jounieh collapses due to Yohan storm.


- Lebanese army website chosen as best mobile phones' app at Governmental Summit in Dubai.

- MP Khaled Daher suspends membership at Future parliamentary bloc.


- Security plan kicks off in Bekaa.

- Bomb dismantled in Arsal outskirts.

- Saadoun Hmadeh reaps World Book Award for his book "The History of Shias in Lebanon."

- UN Security Council adopts resolution to curb ISIS funding.


- Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri returns in Beirut.

- Hand grenade placed under car in Bebnin explodes.

- Gunfire sourcing from Syria hit outskirts of Noura town.


- Family of military hostage Abdul Rahim Diab visits him in Arsal outskirts.


- ISIS broadcasts video showing terrorists beheading group of Egyptian Copts in Libya.


- Egyptian warplanes raid ISIS sites in Libya.

- Bahrain deploys fighter jets in Jordan.

- UAE bombs oil refineries controlled by ISIS.


- Head of Change and Reform bloc, MP Michel Aoun, withdraws confidence from Minister of National Defense, Samir Moqbel, for "surpassing the powers of governance and ignoring contraventions."

- Japan decides to offer USD 18 million to Lebanon.


- 19th session to elect new president of the republic adjourned.

- Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and MP Michel Aoun meet.

- Sixth round of national dialogue between Future Movement and Hezbollah.


- Storm named Wendy hits Lebanon, blocks mountain roads; schools close.

- Officer injured during raid in Beddawi; Palestinian killed for distributing drugs inside schools.

- Judge Ivana Hrdlickova of the Czech Republic elected as new president of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.


- House Speaker, Nabih Berri, and Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri meet at Ain-el-Tineh.


- Israeli enemy combs area off barbed wire in Eastern Sector.

- Army confronts gunmen attempting to infiltrate into Ras Baalback outskirts.

- Yemen's President, Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, demands the international community, as president of the republic of Yemen, "to take necessary measures to protect the political process and reject coup by the Houthis."


- Launching of first magazine for stamps and currency amateurs in Lebanon.


- Army receives from Jordan 30 soldier carriers and 12 canon carriers.

- Israeli enemy opens fire at farmers off Maroun al-Ras.


- Bishop Francis al-Baisari passes away.

- 8 rescuers injured as water heater explodes at Red Cross office in Antelias.

- Army targets with heavy artillery gunmen in Ras Baalback outskirts.


- Newly designed website of the National News Agency and its Spanish page launched.

- February 25 earmarked as the Day of Children with no ID.

- Customs Authorities seize 7 kilos of narcotics at Beirut airport.

- Lebanese actress Souad Karim passes away.


- Three servicemen injured and army takes hold of two hills in Ras Baalback.

- Rocket hits Ain al-Shaab sourcing from Anti-Lebanon.

- Minister of Finance, Ali Hassan Khalil, requests repatriation of cargo of cell phone covers containing radioactive substances.


- Lebanon ranked 4th in Western and Central Asian Kung Fu Championship.

- USD 1.5 million donation from Japan to help refugees damaged by storm.


- Two bombs hit Tallet-al-Hamra in Ras Baalbek.


- Army confronts infiltration attempt in Wadi Hmayed, killing and injuring number of gunmen.


- Dispute causes basketball game between Sporting and La Sagesse to stop just 48 minutes before its end.


- Soldier and wanted killed in gunfire in Bhennin.

- Joint House committees decide to subject contract workers to contracting regulations and civil servants' cooperative.


- Cabinet convenes after two-week stoppage.

- USEK wins award for best robot design in the U.S.


- National News Agency's smart app wins award for best smart app among media institutions in Lebanon.

- Arrest of Syrian Hussein Suhail Gorli, aka Abu Hareth al-Ansari, who gave important details on the beheading of military hostages.

- 150 000 Captagon pills en route to KSA seized.


- 10 poisoned at Abi Samraa technical school in Tripoli.


- Clash among Lebanese and Syrian refugees in Shebaa leaves many injured.


- Solar plane tales off in Abu Dhabi in first journey around the world without fuel.


- Israeli enemy targets Lebanese army patrol with gunfire in Bastra.

- Minister of Public Health, Wale Abu Faour, unveils spices containing venomous and carcinogen substances.


- 20th session to elect new president of the republic postponed.

- Gunmen kidnap Lebanese in Wadi Hmayed, Arsal.


- Appointment of a new Banking Control Commission.

- Two injured in landslide in Jurd of Hasroun.


- Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil announces the deportation of 70 Lebanese.


- An explosive device primed for detonation found in Akkar.

- Two rockets fired from the border on the Syrian side batter the outskirts of Ersal.


- The army targets posts of terrorists in Jabal Mkhayrmeh.


- The army resists and thwarts off an infiltration attempt at the military post in Wadi Hmayed; a rocket falls on eastern Brital, no injuries reported.


- An army helicopter conducts raids on terrorist positions in outskirts of Ras Baalbek.

- A German Lufthansa plane is forced to turn back, 36 seconds after takeoff from Beirut, because of the birds that have hit and damaged the left engine.

- The Syrian air defense forces shoots down a US drone, according to SANA.


- The Red Cross transports bodies of six terrorists in Zahle Ersal.

- Several enemy soldiers cross the technical line south of Rmeich.

- Eighth round of dialogue between the Future Movement and Hezbollah in Ain el-Tineh.

- Several armed men attacked the Bardo Museum in Tunis, killing more than 20 people of different nationalities.


- Lebanese film "Waynon" (Where are they) won local and international awards.


- Sit-in at al-Tal square in Tripoli, in refusal of the proposed parking lot.

- Eclipse of the sun visible in Lebanon.

- 72 died in three bombings in two mosques in Sana'a.

- 30 packages of radioactive sanitary napkins seized by customs at Rafik Hariri International Airport.

- The UN Security Council expressed its concern about the incidents on the blue line, and urged the Lebanese Parliament to elect a head of state without further delay.


- A Syrian national kidnapped in Ersal by individuals belonging to ISIS.


- Explosion of a grenade at the house of the president of the municipality of Damour.

- The Ministry of Health won the award for best mobile application category among ministries.

- The Houthi militias take control of Taiz Airport.


- Minister of Health opened an investigation following the death of a baby in a daycare in Ajaltoun.


- Army stops terrorist suspects and Omar Bilal Mikati.
- Launch of the joint Palestinian security force in the camp of Ain al-Helweh.

- Germanwings plane crashes in the Alps with 152 passengers on board.


- The Houthis control the air base of al-Anad, north of Aden; the presidential palace in Aden is targeted by a raid.


- Saudi Arabia launches the military operation "Decisive Storm" in Yemen.

- The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) allocates $ 18 million to finance a support program for the poor.

- The army announced its control of several positions for terrorist organizations following a blitz in the outskirts of Ersal.

- Six children injured in a bomb explosion which dates from the July 2006 war in Zebkine.


- Annual Summit of leaders of the countries of the Arab League in Sharm el-Sheikh to discuss the creation of a joint military force, particularly to combat "terrorist groups."


- ISIS publishes pictures of the beheading of a man abducted in Ersal.


- Spiritual Summit of Bkirky calls for urgent election of a President of the Republic to ensure the sustainability of the state, the needs of the army and secure the release of military hostages.

- Relatives of hostages block all entrances to Beirut.


- Intensive Israeli patrols on the axis of Ghajar.

- House Speaker Nabih Berri re-elected head of the AMAL movement.

April 2015

- Tensions in Ersal after several kidnappings; the army surrounds the area.

- Military units repel an attempted infiltration of a terrorist group to Ersal.


- 22nd meeting for the election of a president is postponed.

- The body of the policeman Ali Bazzal - Ersal abducted and executed by Al-Nusra Front - returned to his family.

- Death of the first Saudi soldier on the border with Yemen.

- Ninth round of dialogue between Future Movement and Hezbollah; Primary agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue.


- Gunmen hold more than 30 Lebanese truck drivers on the Nassib border post between Syria and Jordan.


- A team from the Ministry of Health assaulted during the inspection of a bakery in the Zefta area in Nabatiyeh.


- The army announced the death of a Syrian and the arrest of another who were part of an armed terrorist group, which was trying to infiltrate Ersal.


- An attempted drug smuggling to Libya foiled by security forces.


- Army raided terrorist groups in the outskirts of Ras Baalbek.

- A boy killed by a dog in Zahle.

- The first plane of Red Cross aid landed in Sana'a.

- The King of Spain arrived in Lebanon to meet with senior officials and inspect his country's contingent working within UNIFIL.


- The Council of Ministers appoints a Board of Directors for the Economic Committee in Tripoli, chaired by Raya Hassan.


- Canadian first airstrike against ISIS in Syria.

- 17 medals for Lebanon at the Arab Swimming Championship.

- Saudi Arabia prevented an Iranian plane with pilgrims on board; plane later landed in the UK.

- Drug trafficking network dismantled; a warehouse containing almost two tons of drugs discovered.


- Death of terrorist Osama Mansour and another person during a fight with a patrol of the intelligence service in Tripoli.

- More than 10,000 illegal immigrants arrived in Greece by sea since the beginning of the year.


- Meeting between the leaders of the US and Cuban diplomacy in Panama; historic handshake between presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro.


- Actor Issam Breidy died in a road accident in Dora.


- Lebanese truck drivers held on Nassib border post between Syria and Jordan.


- Israeli soldiers comb Wadi al-Assal to the heights of Wazzani.

- First Egyptian plane lands in Lebanon carrying aid to displaced Syrians in Ersal.

- Death of Lebanese director Raymond Gebara.

- Tenth round of dialogue between Future Movement and Hezbollah.


- Arrival of the second part of the Egyptian aid to displaced Syrians who are in Ersal.

- Meeting in Bkirky between Maronite Patriarch Beshara Boutros al Rahi and the ambassadors of the G5.

- Hearing of the STL in the contempt case against Al Jadeed TV and Mrs Karma Tahsin Mohammed Al Khayat.


- More than 11,000 illegal immigrants arrive in Italy in six days.

- Mutiny in bloc "D" in Roumieh prison, in protest against security measures during visits to detainees; two policemen were detained.

- A patrol of the Israeli infantry crosses the withdrawal line and tries to kidnap a Lebanese shepherd on the outskirts of Kfarchouba.


- Release of 12 soldiers and two doctors kidnapped during the mutiny in Roumieh.


- The magazine "Al-Alamiya" pays tribute to the Director of NNA, Ms. Laure Sleiman Saab.

- One dead and several injured in an armed clash in Hermel.


- The first shipment of Franco-Saudi military aid arrives in Lebanon.

- Security operation in the "D" building in Roumieh prison, following a mutiny.

- 28 Christian Ethiopians in Libya killed by ISIS.


- The UN announces the death of 800 illegal immigrants in the sinking of their boat in the Mediterranean.

- The Egyptian Islamist ex-president sentenced to 20 years in prison.


-  23rd meeting for the election of a president is postponed.


- Strike ordered by the Union Coordination Committee (CCS); some private schools do not respond to the call.


- Death of Rustom Ghazaleh, chief of the political security directorate of Syrian President Bashar Assad.


- Maronite Patriarch, Beshara Boutros Rahi, appeals from UNESCO in Paris: the international community must take steps that help to protect the East and its Christians.

- One wounded in a bomb explosion in Bseba.


- Death of four people in an Israeli raid on the Golan Heights.

- Nearly 7,000 die in an earthquake in Nepal.

- 39 Lebanese truck drivers return back to Beirut after being blocked in Saudi Arabia.


- Launch of the security plan in Beirut's southern suburb (Dahyeh).

- Meeting between Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rahi and French President Francois Hollande.

- First of its kind operation with the use of Hybrid-Knife in the Middle East and Africa takes place at Our Lady of relief in Jbeil for the removal of bladder tumours.

- The film "Ghadi" for Georges Khabbaz wins the Grand Jury Prize in Rome.

- 29/4

- The government decides to extend until 31 December 2015 the contracts of the two mobile operators Alfa (Orascom) and Touch (Zain).


- Minister of Interior Nouhad Machnouk announces that "Hezbollah weapons are part of the defense strategy, not a security plan in the streets."

May 2015


- The army receives the bodies of two martyrs - soldier Ali Al-Ali and the citizen Mamdouh Younes - killed by terrorist groups.

- The second phase of traffic law is put into force.


- One person killed and five others injured in the collapse of a Ferris wheel in an amusement park in Tripoli.


- General Security apprehends a dangerous man, known for being the "mufti" of ISIS in North Lebanon; the military intelligence apprehends notorious explosives expert.

- Eight Lebanese children win the first prize in an international competition in Jordan.


- The leader of the Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) MP Walid Jumblatt testifies before the STL.

- Eleventh round of dialogue between Future Movement and Hezbollah.


- Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, says his party's involvement in the battles of Qalamoun is "a patriotic and moral assignment"; former Prime Minister Saad Hariri accuses Nasrallah of "manipulating the fate of the country," calling his mission "immoral".


- 400kg of drugs found in a cave in Jadaydet el Kayteh.


- Syria addresses two letters to the UN and the Security Council to ask them to put an end to the Israeli occupation of the Golan.

- Two rockets fall on a town in the Bekaa.


- A rocket falls between the towns of Tibeh and Brital.

- Lebanon wins a gold medal and two silver medals in the fifth Arab Squash Championship.


- Brief abduction of a dentist in Wadi Hmayed.


- Elections at Islamic Shariaa Council.


- An enemy patrol opens fire on a shepherd in Shebaa.


- US Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi, amid tensions caused by the Ukrainian crisis.

- Tents sheltering Syrian workers burned in the plain of Akkar.


- 24th session for electing president postponed.

- Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri meets with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow.

- A Pullman hits with full force five cars at the border post of Masnaa. The accident leaves eleven wounded.

- Four and a half year sentence for former minister Michel Samaha, for attempting to carry out attacks in Lebanon. He also loses his civil and political rights.


- Several Lebanese politicians protest the lenient verdict against Michel Samaha.


- Protests in North Lebanon and the Bekaa in rejection of the verdict against Michel Samaha.


- Capital punishment for former Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi.


- Army troops pound, with heavy artillery, the positions of armed groups in the Jurd of Ersal, to prevent any attempt of infiltration within Ersal, following intensified fighting in the Qalamoun, Syria.


- Arrival of senior adviser to the Imam Ali Khamenei for International Affairs, Ali Akbar Vilayati, to Lebanon.

- 27 cases of food poisoning, caused by eating meat, in Akkar.

- Deputies of Change and Reform bloc visit political and religious leaders to explain the initiative of General Michel Aoun regarding the election of a head of state.

- Verdict in the case of Michel Samaha: the government commissioner to the military court, Sakr Sakr, presents a motion to demand a new trial.


- Army receives 37 military vehicles, as part of the Saudi donation.

- A heat wave hits Lebanon, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius during the day.

- Twelfth round of dialogue between Future Movement and Hezbollah.


- Arrest of 10 young Canadians leaving to join the ranks of ISIS.

- Damage caused by the collapse of artificial lakes in Akoura.

- Strike decreed by the League of government employees, to demand the approval of the salary scale.
- Army sergeant dies from injuries sustained during a search in Brital.

- A car bomb defused Ersal.

- Suicide bombing in a mosque in Saudi Arabia.

- A year without a president of the Lebanese Republic.
- Clashes between ISIS and Al-Nusra Front in the outskirts of Ersal.

- Meeting in Bkirky between the Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rahi, and the deputies of March 14.

- More than 1,000 die of a major heat wave in India.

- Former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora testifies before the STL.
- A Lebanese held in Cyprus for possession of products that can be used in the manufacture of explosives.
- Cuba removed from the US list of states that sponsor terrorism.

- 12 injured in the collapse of a terrace in Fouar.

- Roger Feghali wins the 50th rally of Antibes, France.

June 2015
- Special Meeting of Council of Ministers to discuss the Ersal folder and appointment of security chiefs.

- Prime Minister Tammam Salam meets Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, in the presence of his predecessor Saad Hariri.
- The declaration of intent between the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) and the Lebanese Forces (LF) released.
- Islamic Summit in Dar al-Fatwa.


- Third phase of traffic law launches.

- 24th session for the election of a president postponed.


- Foreign Minister, Gebran Bassil, announces the refusal of any decision by the Cabinet before resolving the issue of appointmenting heads of security.


- Doctors suspend their hospital and clinical work, except for emergencies, in reaction to the case of pediatrician, Issam Maalouf, arrested for being allegedly responsible for the amputation of limbs of Ella Tannous, a baby of eight months.


- A Cairo appeals court cancels the decision classifying Hamas as a terrorist organization.

- Pastoral Visit for Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rahi in Damascus.


- Spiritual Summit in Damascus.

- The family of abducted Sergeant George Khoury meet him in the Jurd of Ersal.


- More than 100,000 migrants and refugees arrived in Europe from the beginning of the year through the Mediterranean, according to figures from the High Commission to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).


- Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, expresses his "determination to eradicate the presence of takfirists in Qalamoun, whatever the sacrifices may be."


- Dozens of Druze killed in the massacres of Qalb Lozeh in the province of Idleb, Syria.


- The statue of Our Lady of Fatima arrives in Lebanon.

- Army arrests in Laboueh Ahmad Atrache - Alias Ersal Eagle - accused of booby-trapping several cars in Hermel and the Southern Suburbs.

- Jbeil "capital of Arab tourism" in 2016.


- MP Sami Gemayel of the Kataeb party elected leader.


- Thirteenth round of dialogue between Future Movement and Hezbollah.


- Relatives of the military hostages block several roads.

- 23,000 refugees from Syria entered Turkey between 3 and 15 June, according to UNHCR.


- Prime Minister Tammam Salam meets Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi in Cairo.


- The Synod of Maronite Bishops ensures, in a statement, that "the election of a president is the responsibility of all political parties, not just that of the Maronites".

- Several dead and wounded in clashes in the camp of Ain al-Helweh.


- Casualties in a brawl in Ras al-Sarj, Ersal.


- Torture scenes filmed in Roumieh prison cause an uproar in Lebanon.

- An Israeli drone crashes between Saghbine and Barouk mountains.


- Relatives of the military hostages block several roads and demand serious negotiations.


- Arrest of five officers involved in the ISF torture case in Roumieh prison.


- Postponement of the 25th meeting of election of a president.


- Maronite Patriarch, Beshara Rahi, calls on the forces of 8 and 14 March to announce the names of their candidates for the presidency and to go to Parliament to elect a head of state.

- Employers and trade unions protest against political paralysis which affects the economy and launch an outcry to "stop the collective suicide".

- Death of Catholicos Narcis Bedros XIX, Patriarch of Cilicia for Armenian Catholics.


- Terrorist attacks against a mosque in Kuwait, a gas plant in France, and a hotel in Tunisia.


- Arrest of two individuals who were planning a suicide car bomb in Beirut.


- Clashes in the camp of Ain al-Helweh.

- Samir Franjieh elected head of the National Council of the March 14 forces.


- Attorney General of Egypt killed in an attack.


- A US official in Beirut to discuss the demarcation of maritime borders of Lebanon and its oil rights.

- Launch of the unified medical prescription.

July 2015


- Telecommunications Minister Boutros Harb  launches the "Vision for digital telecommunications in 2020" at the Grand Serail under the patronage of Prime Minister Tammam Salam.

- At least 36 Egyptian soldiers and civilians killed in a series of simultaneous attacks in Sinai, claimed by ISIS, and 38 extremists killed.


- Council of Ministers convenes after three weeks of absence.

- Violent Clashes between gunmen in the orchards of Jurd Ersal over sharing cherry crops' gains

- Relatives of the military hostages block several roads simultaneously with the holding of the meeting of the Cabinet.

- Meeting between Future Movement and Hezbollah around an Iftar under the auspices of House Speaker Nabih Berri.


- Prime Minister Tammam Salam calls on the Council of Ministers to convenes. In response, head of Change and Reform, General Michel Aoun, threatens to take to the streets.


- Foreign Minister, Gebran Bassil, ensures that his political group (FPM) defends with all its strength the powers of the president in the government.

- A child killed in Bchamoun, his body thrown into a construction site.

- A child is kidnapped while standing outside her house in Amchit.

- Relatives of the military hostages call on Qatar to continue its mediation for the release of the abducted servicemen.

- The army repels infiltration attempts into Lebanese territory through outskirts of Qaa Ras Baalbek and Ersal; clashes on the Lebanese-Syrian border.


- 61.21% of Greek voters reject the plan of the creditors of the country, causing the fall of the euro against the US dollar.


- The Egyptian army announces the death of 241 gunmen in the Sinai.


- Head of Change and Reform, General Michel Aoun, believes that "the Prime Minister is exercising both his prerogatives and those of the president; a thing which is rejected."


- Convoys of FPM supporters roam Lebanese regions.


- Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi, Emir Saud al-Faisal, passes away.

- Dispute between the head of government, Tammam Salam, and Foreign Minister, Gebran Bassil, at the beginning of the session of the Council of Ministers; FPM supporters block all roads leading to the Grand Serail.


- Sayyed Nasrallah during the ceremony of the day of al-Quds: Aoun's claims are fair and we will not let you down.

- Death of actor Omar Sherif.


- A drone crashes on the beach in Tripoli.


- Dory Chamoun reappointed as head of the National Liberal Party (PNL).


- The Lebanese team, second in the Arab Basketball Championship for juniors.


- Signing of agreement on nuclear energy between Iran and the major powers.


- Casualties in an altercation between individuals from Aramoun and Kabrechmoun.

- Postponement of the 26th meeting of election of a president.

- The army stops the smuggling of drone (Flying Cam) for militants on the eastern border.


- Lebanese citizen Georges Rif dies from his injuries after being attacked with a knife during an argument for right of way.


- Naameh landfill closes down.


- Relatives of the military hostages held by Al-Nusra Front visit their sons.

- Five Czech nationals abducted in Kefraya in West Bekaa.

- The people of Amchit and Hbaline block roads leading to the dump Hbaline.


-  Saudi Monarch, Selman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, meets with Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea.


- The UN Security Council adopts unanimously a resolution which endorses the nuclear agreement signed on July 14 in Vienna by Iran and the major powers and prepares the lifting of some international sanctions that suffocate the Iranian economy.


- Garbage swamps the streets of Lebanon as Agriculture Minister, Akram Chehayeb, asserts that "this is a transitional period that requires serious cooperation to find a solution to this crisis that affects all Lebanese without exception."


- Youths set fire to dumpsters in the streets of the capital.

- The people of Kfour prevent garbage trucks dumping trash on the road from entering their community.


- OGERO announces that the burning of garbage in Beirut damaged nearly 4,000 telephone lines.

- Meeting of Council of Ministers devoted to the study of the working mechanism of the government is postponed.


- Several roads blocked in Beirut in protest against the waste crisis; roads from different regions are also cut off so that the garbage does not get transported there.

- Lebanon  ranked 95th worldwide and 7th Arab nation in terms of sporting performance, according to a study by the International Association of Sports in the Arab world.


- Office of Salam: an interim solution for the transport of waste littering the streets until the sites established by the Ministry of Environment are ready.

- Gregory Bedros XX twentieth Patriarch of Armenian Catholics.

- Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, says that "the resignation of Salam's Government would serve no purpose."


- The people of Iklim Kharrub block roads to prevent the arrival of trucks carrying garbage to their region.


- The Ministerial Committee on the waste issue gives directives for the immediate garbage collection in Beirut.

- Several dumpsters on fire in the capital, 2000 damaged telephone lines; the coastal road blocked in Jiyeh.


- Dead and injured in clashes in the camp of Ain al-Helweh.

- Beginning of garbage collection in several areas of Beirut and roads are blocked to prevent waste being transported there.

- Rally organized by the associations of civil society and "You Stink!" in protest against the waste issue; the car of the Minister of Social Affairs Rachid Derbas is the target of garbage bags.


- Several roads blocked in various areas to prevent waste being transported there.

- Ring Road blocked and sit-in outside the serail of Nabatiyeh, following the death of Colonel Rabih Koheil during an argument for a right of way.

- One dead and six wounded in an explosion in Koussaya.


- Several sit-ins for You Stink Campaign In protest against the way the government treats the waste issue.

- Prime Minister Tammam Salam says at the Cabinet meeting that "the problem of waste threatens the ecological security and that this crisis is the result of political conflicts and previous ineffective treatment."


- A Palestinian baby burned alive by Zionist settlers in his house in the West Bank.

- The United States grants $ 20 million to FAO to assist Syrian refugees who are in Lebanon.

August 2015


- The German Embassy: ready to mediate in Lebanon to export waste and treat it in German factories.


- A heat wave hits Lebanon, temperatures exceed 40 degrees.

- A father kills his son in a dispute over an inheritance in Akkar.


- Several failures due to heat waves cause additional electrical power cuts in Lebanon.

- The people of Chehim block the road in their community in protest against the accumulation of waste.


- A Lebanese military plane crashes in Iaat.


- Sixteenth round of dialogue between Future Movement and Hezbollah.

- Nine Lebanese banks on the list of top 1000 world banks.


- Minister of Defence, Samir Mouqbel, signs a decree to delay by one year the retirement of the Commander in Chief of the Army General Jean Kahwaji, Chief of Staff General Walid Selman and General Secretary of the Supreme Defence Council General Mohammad Kheir.

- Suicide attack in a mosque in Abha, Saudi Arabia.

- Inauguration of the Suez Canal.


- Study of the tenders for the waste file in Beirut and its suburbs.


- Head of Change and Reform, General Michel Aoun, accuses the commander of the army, General Jean Kahwaji, of "politicizing the military."

- Sit-in for You Stink in Martyrs' Square.


- Rocket of undetermined origin crashes in Btadii.


- Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, arrives in Lebanon.

- Several wounded in an altercation between the inhabitants of the region of al-Mari and Syrian workers.

- Death of the Egyptian actor Nour El-Cherif.

- Armed men intercept the convoy of Bishop Khalil Alouane and Father Elie Nasr, as they head from Bkirky to Deir al-Ahmar.


- Sit-in for the FPM at Martyrs' Square.

- 27th session for election of a president postponed.


- Session of the Council of Ministers: Telecommunications Minister Boutros Harb announces  boycott of sessions until the government again becomes "an authority capable of making decisions."

- Three injured in a grenade explosion in Jabal Mohsen.


- Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, at the 9th commemoration of the victory of 2006: Michel Aoun a necessary path to the presidency and a productive and effective government.

- Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri responds to Nasrallah: partnership in the country impossible when we throw oil on the fire.


- Arrest of fugitive Sheikh Ahmed al-Assir.


- The army bombards ISIS fighters trying to infiltrate into Lebanese territories.


- UN: 20,843 illegal immigrants arrived in Greece in a week.


- Four people killed in Ketermaya following disputes over inheritance.

- Postponement of the tenders relating to waste.

- Fighting between police and activists from You Stink in Riad al-Solh.


- ISIS claims responsibility for bombing of the building of the State Security in Cairo.


- The White House announces the death of ISIS's number two.

- Five dead in an Israeli air raid on Qonaytra, Syria.


- Several dead and wounded in clashes in the camp of Ain al-Helweh.

- Several injured in scuffles between police and protesters from You Stink at Martyrs' Square.

- Al-Azem files complaint against the Municipality of Jounieh for dumping waste in Tripoli.


- Several roads blocked in solidarity with Prime Minister Tammam Salam, following calls for his resignation.

- Several injured in scuffles between police and protesters in Riad al-Solh.

- Sabotage in Beirut; blocking of roads in different regions.


- Clashes force residents to leave the camp of Ain al-Helweh.

- Seventeenth round of dialogue between the Future Movement and Hezbollah.

- You Stink Campaign calls for punishment of "all those involved in the violence."

- Announcement of results of the tender for waste.


- Resumption of clashes between security forces and protesters in Riad al-Solh Square. Several shops were destroyed and Molotov cocktails were thrown at security guards.

- The Council of Ministers cancels the results of tenders for waste management.


- Demonstration for You Stink and We Want to Hold You Accountable in Riad al-Solh. Firecrackers thrown at the security forces, several protesters arrested.

- Two journalists killed during a live broadcast in Virginia, USA.


- Session of the Council of Ministers held in the absence of representatives of the Free Patriotic Movement, Hezbollah, the Tachnag and Marada parties.

- Sit-in in Halba, upon the call of Akkar is not a dump Campaign.


- Demonstration for We Want Accountability campaign from Riad al-Solh to the Interior Ministry.

- More than 70 bodies of migrants found in a refrigerated truck parked at the shoulder of a motorway to the Austrian state of Burgenland.


- Demonstration from the Interior Ministry to Martyrs' square and Riad al-Solh. Troublemakers set fire to the barbed wire; clash with security forces.

- Almost total shutdown of the electrical power in Lebanon.


- House Speaker Nabih Berri launches a seven-point initiative and calls for dialogue table, during the commemoration of the disappearance of Imam Moussa Sadr's.

- A child killed and another injured in an incident in a theme park in Aley.


- Christian spiritual summit in Bkirky.

- Minister of Environment, Mohammad Machnouk, withdrew from the ministerial committee on the waste issue.

September 2015


- Activists from civil movement campaigns of You Stink and We Want to Hold You Accountable storm the Ministry of Environment and hold a sit-in in one of the floors, calling for the resignation of Minister Mohammad Machnouk.

- The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reveals that more than 350,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean since January.

- A child killed by a bullet to the head during a funeral in Taalbaya.


- Postponement of the 28th meeting of parliament for the election of a president.

- Six sarcophagi dating from the Phoenician era found in Jbeil.


- Minister of Health Wael Abou Faour announces the closure of 35 clinics; warnings were also sent to 281 other clinics.

- More than 230,000 refugees and migrants have joined Greece by sea since the beginning of the year.

- Protesters outside the Ministry of the Environment are observing a hunger strike, calling for the resignation of the minister.

- Demonstrators lie on the road in front of the Interior Ministry in protest against the arrest of activists who attempted to vandalize parking meters in Ain el-Mraysseh.


- American-Saudi summit at the White House.

- FPM rally in Martyrs' Square.


- Head of the Lebanese Forces, Samir Geagea, announces the boycott of dialogue by his party.


- Saudi King and US President call in a joint statement for the election by the Lebanese parliament of a new president, in accordance with the Constitution.


- A sand storm hits Lebanon; at least three deaths and 1725 cases of suffocation.


- The people of Ras Baalbek block the national highway in protest against thefts against them.

- Sit-in held by We Want to Hold You Accountable in front of the EDL headquarters in Mar Mikhael.

- Head of Change and Reform, General Michel Aoun, and the leader of Kataeb party MP Sami Gemayel  announce their participation in the dialogue.


- Start of the dialogue sessions.

- The Council of Ministers approves the waste management plan submitted by Agriculture Minister Akram Chehayeb.

- Sit-in for civil movements at Martyrs' square, simultaneously with the dialogue session.

- Closing of schools and public institutions because of the sandstorm.


- Sit-in for the inhabitants of neighboring villages to the Naameh landfill to express their rejection of its reopening, "even for an hour."

- 5,000 migrants arrived at the Serbian-Hungarian border in 24 hours.


- 107 people killed and 238 injured in the collapse of a crane at the Grand Mosque of Mecca.


- Grenade explosion in the camp of Ain al-Helweh.

- Demonstration for "Change is coming" from Zaituna Bay to Dalieh near Raouche, in protest against the monopolization of public property and privatization of beaches.


- Activists of the group We Want Accountability head to Dora to collect garbage and throw them outside the headquarters of Sukleen.


- Sit-in for relatives of those arrested during the demonstrations in Lazarieh.

- Lebanon elected president of the Middle East Committee of the World Tourism Organization, for a period of two years.


- 18th round of dialogue between Future Movement and Hezbollah.

- Arrest of the terrorist Ibrahim al-Atrash, involved in the kidnapping of soldiers and accused of booby-trapping cars.

- Relatives of prisoners of 22 August block the road in front of the Interior Ministry.

- Second dialogue session.

- Several wounded and dozens arrested in clashes between police and activists of civil protest; protesters outside the Ministry of Environment assaulted.


- The hunger strikers in front of the Ministry of Environment halt their strike.

- More than 150 died in the explosion of tanker truck carrying oil in Sudan.

- More than a thousand pilgrims evacuated from a hotel in Mecca because of a fire.

- Economic organizations launch a conference entitled "To save the heart of Beirut."


- The campaign for the closure of the dump in Naameh rejects the waste management plan of Minister Akram Chehayeb.


- Unidentified individuals open fire on the headquarters of the al-Jadeed building.


- Foreign Minister, Gebran Bassil, takes the reins of the Free Patriotic Movement.

- Sit-in and demonstration by civil society; several rioters arrested.


- All individuals arrested during the demonstrations released.


- Third dialogue session.


- Lebanon ranks 136th among 177 most corrupt countries, according to the latest annual report of Transparency International.


- Prime Minister Tammam Salam chairs the Lebanese delegation to the General Assembly of the UN.

- Several dead and wounded in a stampede during the pilgrimage in Mina, Saudi Arabia.


- Pope Francis expresses solidarity with Muslims after the stampede at Mina of Mecca.


- Prime Minister Tammam Salam says from New York that the crisis of Syrian refugees represented the most serious challenge for the growth of Lebanon, and that international aid was not sufficient.


- Signature of the largest flag of Lebanon at the port of Beirut.

- The Elysee Palace announces that France raided Syria to confirm its commitment in the fight against ISIS.


- STL: Karma Khayat fined 10,000 Euros for knowingly and willfully interfering with the administration of justice.


- More than half a million migrants arrived in Europe by crossing the Mediterranean Sea since the start of 2015, according to figures released by the UNHCR.

- Sit-in for We Want Accountability before the Ministry of Energy.


- Prime Minister Tammam Salam calls from New York upon countries around the world to restore security and stability in the Middle East.

- An Israeli spy device found in the village of Bani-Zayyan, in southern Lebanon.

- Beginning of Russian raids in Syria.

- Lebanon ranked 101th out of 140 countries in the Global Competitiveness Index.

- Postponement of the 29th parliamentary session for the election of a president.

October 2015


- Russia announces the start of its naval landing operations on the Syrian coast.


- The Ministry of Labour inspection department discovers false work permits for the benefit of 54 Turks, made by Turkish company Karpowership bound by a contract with EDL.


- Sit-in in Dalieh near Raouche to impose the release of 24 prisoners, including 9 minors, transferred to the military court.


- Two killed in gunfire in the souks of Baalbek.

- 77 Palestinians wounded in 24 hours in renewed clashes with the army of occupation in the West Bank.


- 19th round of the dialogue between Hezbollah and Future Movement.

- Verbal altercation between members of parliamentary blocs Future and Change and Reform, at the meeting of the Committee on Works.

- A bomb explosion near a Lebanese customs post in Chtaura.


- Two successive sessions at the 4th round of dialogue instigated by Speaker Nabih Berri.

- Sit-in for families of military hostages in Raouche to Ain al-Tineh.

- Rally for the civil society following the arrest of an activist for "insulting the Lebanese flag."


- Two successive sessions at the 5th round of dialogue instigated by Speaker Nabih Berri.

- Mobilization of traders of Baalbek, "against security chaos."

- Five Lebanese soldiers injured by a falling mortar shell- fired by armed groups in the outskirts of Ras Baalbek - on their base.

- Demonstration for We Want Accountability in front of the courthouse.

- Christian Funeral Rites held in Brih for the first time in 30 years.


- Several wounded in the ranks of the security forces and protesters during riots in downtown Beirut.


- Civil society protesters block roads outside the Ministry of the Interior and several police stations, in protest against the arrest of a number of activists.

- Sit-in of relatives of military hostages outside the residence of Prime Minister Tammam Salam.


- Death of former minister and MP Elias Skaff.

- 95 die in an attack in Ankara, Turkey.


- Several injured in an altercation between truckers and residents in the vicinity of Srar landfill.


- Gathering of relatives of detained activists at the military court.

- Several roads blocked and schools closed in Baalbek, in protest against security chaos.


- Protesters before the military court prevent the movement of vehicles of Deputies.

- Iran's parliament adopts the nuclear deal reached in July between Tehran and major powers.


- Meeting between former Prime Minister Saad Hariri and PSP leader Walid Jumblatt in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


- A gold medal for Lebanon at the 9th International Exhibition of Inventions in Warsaw.

- Death of seven members of the Safwan family with the drowning of their boat while trying to get to Greece via Turkey.

- Relatives of the military hostages call on the Emir of Qatar to intervene in their case.


- The Turkish military shoots down a drone near the Syrian border.

- Two civil society protesters try to set fire to themselves before the military court in solidarity with detainees.


- Speaker Nabih Berri elected President of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union.


- Several dead and wounded in an explosion inside a camp for Syrian refugees in Wadi Hmayed.


- The term of office of members of the Lebanese parliament renewed, the chairmen of parliamentary committees reappointed to their posts, with some exceptions.


- Postponement of the 30th meeting for the election of a president.

- Lebanon elected member of the Economic and Social Council of the UN for two years.

- Syrian President Bashar Assad in Moscow.


- Arrest of ISIS leader in charge in Ain al-Helweh.

- Sit-in for We Want Accountability before the EDL headquarters in Mar Mikhael.

- A school bus crashes into a pole in Riyak: 27 injured.


- The army halts the boat that was trying to illegally go to Turkey with 36 people on board. Arrest of five people involved in the case.


- Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, takes part in the commemoration of Ashura and ensures that there is no alternative to dialogue.


- Sit-in for activists in protest against "rivers of garbage" that accompanied the rain.


- Eighth round for dialogue committee.

- Strike ordered by the Union Coordination Committee.

- Attack on a mosque in Najran, Saudi Arabia.


- 20th meeting of dialogue between Hezbollah and the Future Movement.

- The FPM and LF sign a joint proposal for legislation on the recovery of nationality.


- Maronite Patriarch, Beshara Rahi, ensures upon his return from Rome that Prime Minister Tammam Salam is not "reckless" to resign, calls for "saving the government."


- Trafficking attempt foiled at Rafik Hariri International Airport. 250kg of Captagon seized.

- Start of talks on Syria in Geneva.

- China officially announces the end of the so-called one-child policy, in force since 1979, and gives permission for all couples to have two children.


- 14 enemy planes violate Lebanese airspace.


- ISIS claims responsibility for the crash of an Airbus A321 of the Russian company Metrojet in Sinai.

November 2015


- Gold Medal for the students of Collège Notre Dame de Jamhour, at the International Fair of "ideas, inventions and new products" (IENA) in Nuremberg, Germany.

- Horse Racing in Sidon, for the first time in the history of the city.

- Rally "against disease" to demand the release of amounts due to municipalities to address the waste crisis.


- Death of two agents of the Military Intelligence and six civilians during a search in Maameltein.


- Ninth round of dialogue.

- Strike and sit-in on the call of the union Coordination Committee.


- A Lebanese vessel intercepted by the Cypriots in the territorial waters of the island, with 26 Lebanese and one Syrian on board, coming from Tripoli.


- Several dead and wounded in an explosion inside an apartment for the Ulemas of Qalamoun in Ersal.

- The satellite operator Arabsat communications suspends the provision of its services to al-Mayadeen TV channel.


- An army vehicle targeted by an explosive device in Ersal; several wounded soldiers.

- Earthquake felt in the north of Hermel and the Bekaa.


- Meeting at Bkirky between Maronite Patriarch Beshara Boutros Rahi, the leader of the LF Samir Geagea and MP Ibrahim Kanaan, delegated by General Michel Aoun.


- More than 38,000 athletes run "for peace" at Beirut Marathon.


- A lieutenant in ISF shot in a training camp in Jordan.


- Clashes between migrants and police in the port of Calais, France.


- UNIFIL hands to the Lebanese authorities one of its employees, suspected of collaborating with the Israeli enemy.


- 43 martyrs and 239 wounded in a double suicide bombing in Bourj al-Barajneh.

- The army defuses an explosive device in Jabal Mohsen.

- Legislative Session in Parliament after a year's absence.


- Eight suicide bombers perform a series of suicide attacks in several locations in Paris, leaving more than 128 dead and 200 wounded.


- Information branch of the ISF arrests several individuals involved in the twin bombings of Bourj al-Barajneh.


- General Security stops the person who financed the twin bombings of Bourj al Barajneh, and another that contributed to the planning of the attack.


- Closing G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey.

- Lebanon nominated to host a ski championship in 2017.


- Dialogue Session in Ain el-Tineh.

- A major terrorist attack plot on hotels and police stations foiled by the Tunisian authorities.


- Arrest of four Lebanese and confiscation of 180 kg of explosive materials for the manufacture of explosive belts.

- The pigeon rocks of Raouche, Beirut, illuminated with the colors of Lebanese and French flags.

- Rocket falls on Laboueh from an unknown source.


- In the US, the House of Representatives adopts the suspension of hosting Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

- Workers of a waste management plant in Siniq, south of Sidon, found an explosive belt in the middle of a pile of garbage that they were sorting.


- Russia calls on the Lebanese airport authorities to stop planes from flying over the area of military maneuvers in the Mediterranean for three days.

- 170 guests held hostage in an upscale hotel in the Malian capital, 25 dead.


- A woman and her child injured in an attack perpetrated by unidentified armed individuals, against a refugee camp in Ersal.


- Collective march of civil society on the occasion of Independence.


- Hezbollah denounces "the new decision of the US Congress affecting Hezbollah supporters and the media affiliated to it."

- Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Iran.

- Fall of three rockets in Hermel.


- The Turkish Air Force shot down a Russian military aircraft.

- Explosion of a bus for the presidential guard in Tunisia.

- Franco-American Summit.


- Dialogue table held in Ain el-Tineh.

- Announcement of the death of former Iranian ambassador to Lebanon Ghadanfar Rokenabadi, in the stampede at Al-Mina, Saudi Arabia.


- French President announces the coordination of air strikes against ISIS with Russia.

- Moscow asks its nationals in Turkey to return to Russia.


- Arrest of the assassin of martyred soldier Mohammad Hamiyeh.


- Phone call between former Prime Minister Saad Hariri and leader of the Marada Movement, MP Sleiman Franjieh.

- Macedonia builds a wall on its border with Greece, to stop the flow of migrants.


- Unidentified individuals set fire to a school in Baalbek.


- 21st meeting of dialogue between Hezbollah and the Future Movement.

- Start of the 2015 Paris Conference on Climate Change (COP21).

December 2015


- Release of military hostages held by Al-Nusra Front since August 2013.

- MP Sleiman Franjieh visits MP Walid Jumblatt: Hariri is honest in nominating me and it is he who decides when to announce the initiative.

- 32nd session for the election of a president is postponed.


- Maronite Patriarch Beshara Boutros Rahi believes that the initiative of former Prime Minister Saad Hariri is "serious and valuable."

- Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri meets with French President Francois Hollande at the Elysee.

- First air strike by Britain in Syria.


- MP Sleiman Franjieh receives a phone call from French President Francois Hollande.

- The company operating the satellite Arabsat suspends airing al-Manar Lebanese channel.

- Germany decides to participate in military operations against ISIS in Syria.


- We Want Accountability campaign marches from Mathaf area to the Ministry of the Environment.

- NNA wins the Arabic language contest, "our dictation, our language."


- Former President Michel Sleiman announces the "national document of the meeting of the Republic."


- Damascus announces that the US coalition bombed a camp for the Syrian army.

- Angry truckers block the tunnel of Nahr el Kalb.


- Lebanese child Gabriel Abi Saad wins an international competition of mental math.


- Meeting between MPs Michel Aoun and Sleiman Franjieh in Rabieh.


- The tent set up ten years ago by relatives of detainees in Syrian prisons in the Gebran Khalil Gebran Garden is removed.


- Hannibal Muammar Gaddafi delivered to ISF intelligence service, after being released by his captors.

- More than ten people injured in a gas explosion in a restaurant in Antelias.


- The Lebanese film "Kteer Kbeer" (Very Big Shot) wins the top award at the Marrakech International Film Festival.
- The United States urges citizens to avoid travel to Lebanon and those residing there to leave.


-  Death of artist Georges Zeenni.

- The army dismantles an Israeli spy device in Tulin.


- Cease-fire in Yemen.


- Saudi Arabia announces the formation of an Islamic military coalition of 34 countries to combat terrorism.


- Minister of Justice, Ashraf Rifi, dismisses the request of the Prosecutor General to extradite Hannibal Gaddafi to Syria.

- Postponement of the 33rd meeting for the election of a president.


- Arrest of former MP Hassan Yacoub.

- Three terrorists killed in an ambush by the army in Wadi Hmayed.

- 21st round of dialogue between the Future Movement and Hezbollah.

- MP Sleiman Franjieh announces his candidacy for the presidency of the Republic.


- A light earthquake felt in the Bekaa.

- Supporters of MP Hassan Yacoub block several roads in different regions.


- Assassination of Samir Kantar, Hezbollah leader, near Damascus, Syria.

- Launch of four rockets from southern Lebanon towards occupied Palestine.

- Israeli shells fall on Wadi Nafkha and Wadi Zabkine, in southern Lebanon.


- 12th meeting of dialogue in Ain el-Tineh.

- The Council of Ministers approves the export of waste plan.


- US Congress passes unanimously sanctions against banks knowingly financing Hezbollah.


- UN adopts new resolution, the tenth of its kind, condemning Israel and confirming its previous demand for 856.4 million dollars in Israeli compensation for oil spill on the Lebanese coast.

- Death of Bishop Gregoire Haddad.


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