Ehden... A piece of heaven on earth

Mon 31 Aug 2015 at 10:00 Know Lebanon

Translated by Aline Mousallem

Ehden is living the most beautiful moments this summer. Its restaurants are full of people who came from different places and regions. Ehden's hotels are totally booked. It is difficult to find a room in a hotel or a house to rent.

One of the hotel owners in Ehden said that the rate of reservations has reached hundred percent and they are forced to delay the booking of some tourists for weeks until rooms are available.

Also, Ehden is known for its reserve that attracts the lovers of environment and nature, due to the diversity and richness of rare trees and animals, in addition to an area specialized for a walk for hours and hours.

"The turnout of people has exceeded all expectations, especially that many of the activities and sports can be carried out on the shoulder of Ehden reserve and outside its campus," the team director of the reserve Sandra Saba stressed.

Ehden also embraces the oldest Maronite Church in the Middle East, the church of Saint Mema, while on the shoulder of Ehden lies the Monastery of Qozhaya and its miraculous cave.

Lady of Hosn church lies on the top of Ehden. It has turned to a religious pilgrimage site in which weddings and baptisms, and many other celebrations are held. The church overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

Delicious food, festivals, galleries, cultural activities and hospitality are all found in Ehden. All these reasons captured the largest possible number of tourists and made the region one of the most prosperous regions for this season.


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