Akkar seashore back to its owners after removing camps, yet who will clean it?

Mon 20 Jul 2015 at 21:39 Know Lebanon

Written by Mounzir Morabi

Translated by Assaad Maalouf

The only seashore in Lebanon that's still almost void of any tourism spot or resort or even a popular swimming pool, is that of Akkar. Though it seems that it is still enjoying the best descriptions of a pure water, water clean from pollution and all sewage that pours into many other seashores, it is still empty of any tourism spot.

Akkar's seashore is well known for the diversity of its fish types and all can give evidences in this regard, knowing that the shore also enjoys a plethora of sands that expand to quite a long distance throughout the shore.

Akkar's seashore's length is about 15 km; it starts right from Nahr Al Bared Camp to end in Al Arideh on the northern borders with Syria. What distinguishes the shore is that it's along the international highway between Lebanon and Syria. Also, Martyr President Rene Moawad's airport in Klayaat is near the shore as well as fishing port in Abdeh that forms a source of living for hundreds of families.

The shore used to be in time an intended destination to people who go there for swimming and enjoying its waters. It thereby witnessed a big density of people, yet such a feature started to weaken down with the outspread of Gypsies' camps that made out of the region quasi-villages, hence declining the tourism environment in said region. It is worth noting that the camps had persisted for about 15 years before a decision was taken a few days ago to turn back the shore to its owners.

It's well done that the shore came back to its owners, yet the shore needs many campaigns of cleanliness and intensive care from municipal bodies as wastes fill the shore.

The chairman of Kayteh municipalities union Ahmad Al Mir considered Akkar seashore to be a "tourism and environmental wealth that has been wasted and seized by officials and concerned persons that do not at all give any concern to Akkar."

He thanked the Lebanese Army that played a beneficial role in helping the region restore its situation, calling upon the municipalities to play their positive role in cleaning the shore and protecting it from environmental violations and anything that jarms the shore.

He also hoped that popular swimming scenes be set up and that investors build resorts to motivate the tourism, economic situation and attract many people into Akkar.

Al Mir regreted the still intentional disregard and negligence given to Akkar amidst the still absence of services and developments, indicating that there are currently studies over how to clean and protect the shore.

Deputy President of Kayteh municipality Ziad Ahmad called for giving the shore enough interest, especially that it is among the best shores in Lebanon. He saw that the officials' negligence made youths leave their homeland in Akkar.

Caesar Danhash, who lives near the shore, saw the necessity of improving the shore through tourism investments that prosper the economic and livelihood condition of citizens, indicating that Akkar's shore is rich with the most beautiful kinds of fishes like shrimps and others.

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