Ehden reserve destination for ambassadors, researchers, expatriates and stars

Fri 15 Nov 2013 at 09:08 Know Lebanon

Report by Robert Franjieh

Translated by Aline Aoun

NNA - The spread of environmental awareness and highlights on the latest horsh (Forest) in the world will be the priority of the Horsh Reserve Committee, whose mandate was extended six months ago.

Horsh Ehden Reserve is between 1700 m and 3000 m above the surface of the sea and 100 km away from the capital, Beirut.

Ehden's Committee and its friends are organizing regular trips for active environmentalists to their forests, which have become a popular destination for visitors such as diplomatic bodies, ambassadors, consuls of the United States, Britain, Austria, Turkey and Canada, as well as experts and scholars, researchers, students and expatriates.

Director of Ehden reserve, engineer Sandra Kousa Saba, said that the visits of the actors and the writers to the reserve came spontaneously, and that invitations were directed to them not to set shields and pick up photos, but to walk in the reserve and purchase souvenirs and write impressions and observations on the Golden Book at the visitors reception center at the entrance of the forest.

Saba pointed out that many people have asked to set a TV studio at this Horsh (Forest), but the demand is under study.

She said that the director Bahij Houjeij produced a film in the nineties on the reserve entitled "Ricardo and his fellows". It was broadcasted on channel 2033 that day. He talked about the late environmentalist Ricardo Haber, for whom a panel was set up for him in the reserve, bearing his name and his story, with the founders of the reserve. Saba said that Ehden Forest has become a reserve after the House of Representatives approved the law in 1991.

She mentioned that the video clip "Yama Sawa" by the four cats team, directed by Shadi Hanna with Ghassan Rahbani, was shot there.

Also, the Star Wared el Khal has chosen the winter season in the snow to take pictures with the star Yorgo Shalhoub on the cover of the magazine to promote the series "The Widow and the Devil ".

Ehden director said that the writer Mona Taya and Roula Hamadeh have visited the reserve, as well as the actor Mazen Moadam and actress Pamela el Kik to film an episodes on sports.

Saba announced that there was a new program for the completion of these visits that will include a large list of artists such as Carmen Lebbos, Tony Baroud, Nadine Rassi, Yousuf al-Khal, Peter Semaan and others.

Saba pointed out that producer Ziad Choueiri and his wife Nada Saliba have participated in the Mass of the "Lady of the Reserve", which was hosted by the Commission of the reserve, adding that such mass is being held every year in September.

"In the context of visits, we cannot forget the visit of singer Majida Roumi to Ehden," Saba said.

Also, the singer Ghassan Saliba visited the reserve, where he expressed after his tour in the forests great admiration to the reserve.

The director of the reserve confirmed that Ehden horsh is natural and its seeds become bushes, noting that the media is doing its job in the coverage of the reserves activities.

"There are television programs and investigations on Ehden reserve, such as " Ahla Jalseh " shown on LBC TV, and other programs on MTV, Future, in addition to reports in Newspapers and on the website," she concluded.


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