Seriine tahta Bekaa town its springs make it agricultural

Tue 23 Apr 2013 at 09:57 Know Lebanon

Report Amina Tueni


Translated by Aline Aoun


NNA - Seriine el tahta or "Amir el Oyoun" is a town in Bekaa located at the foot of the east mountain of Lebanon Mountains Eastern chain amid the fertile Bekaa Valley.


It is related to the administrative province of Baalbek - Hermel. This town is 950 m above the sea level and 65 km away from the capital Beirut, 22 km away from Baalbek, 20 km away from Zahle and 6 km awayfrom Riyak.


It is located in the middle of Bekaa valley and is surrounded by several towns in the north, Nabi Sheet, Taba towns; in the south, Nasiriyah and Ali el Nahr villages; in the west, Bednayel and Hawch el Rafica towns; in the east, Nabi Sheet village and its total area is 23 km.


Land and Landmarks


Seriine el tahta is known for its fertile land and multi-springs, in addition to the artesian wells. All these factors have made it a farming town par excellence.


Different kinds of plantings such as potatoes, onions, grains, vegetables are found in said town, in addition to fruitful trees such as olives and almonds and unproductive trees.


The town is known for its natural beauty, serenity and pure air. All these aspects attract the tourists to visit this town.


The town has two churches and the "Sayde shrine".


Families and population


The most important families of the town are: Chamoun, Rahme, Kallas, Jamil, Abu Elia, Chedyak, Abu Moussa, Atallah, Karam, Mhanna, Jabbour and Shemali.


Its population is estimated of 3000 people, a thousand people, most of them retired and elderly, live in the town at all times, while as about two thousand people reside it mainly in summer. The number of expatriates in foreign countries reaches about 300 people.


The first Municipal Council was established in 1963 that included nine members, in addition to one Mukhtar.


The town has witnessed simple developmental movement and needs a lot of services and vital projects.


Seriine el Tahta mayor Akl Chamoun told National News Agency reporter that the town suffers from weak financial resources.


Chamoun named some of the achievements of the municipal council such as the opening of internal roads and installation of sanitation network.


Chamoun spoke about future projects to be carried out:


Children's playground with developed specifications and a new municipality palace which includes a clinic, a civil defense center and a public library.



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