Civil march sets out from Labor to Health Ministry in protest against corruption, unemployment, and to claim economic and health rights

Sat 12 Jan 2019 at 19:40 Economy

NNA - A civil march was organized this afternoon by the "We are all affected means we are all responsible" Campaign against corruption and unemployment in the country, and in demand for citizens' economic and health rights.

The march set out from the Ministry of Labor towards the Ministry of Health, where participants gathered to voice their rejections for the existing stalemate situation.

Civil Activist Nada Nassif said, "All parties in the authority are responsible for the economic, daily living, environmental and unemployment crisis," adding that "we are all paying the price for corruption."

She pointed out that funds will become available when the State stops repaying the public debts with high interest rates to banks and beneficiary accounts, and when it adopts a fair and equitable tax regime.

Nassif criticized the "inability to form a government, at a time of accumulating crises," adding that "failure extends to include the most basic obligations."

Nassif called for movement in demand for three pressing issues at this stage, namely the need for an integrated health and hospitalization system, activation of Article 46 of the Lebanese Labor Law relating to the annual adjustment of wages in parallel with inflation, and preventing institutions from employing workers at less than the minimum wage and without social security.

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