Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sun 16 Dec 2018 at 10:00 Agenda

Time Topic

9:00 PM-designate Saad Hariri patronizes "Beirut Smart Conference" at the Antonine University

Schedule of Parliamentary Committees Sessions:

9:30 Information and Communication Committee meeting chaired by MP Hussein Hajj Hassan

11:00 MP Nazih Najem presiding over House commission meeting

11:00 MP George Adwan presiding over Administrative and Justice hearing session

13:00 Meeting by Justice and Administration Sub-Committee in charge of studying the proposal to amend the Trade Law, headed by MP Samir Jisr


10:00 United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Lebanon, Hamad Shamsi to deliver a word during a panel discussion entitled: "Towards a State of Citizenship", at the Four Seasons Hotel, Beirut

11:00 Caretaker Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil patronizes the 2018 closing ceremony and the launch of the 2019 Plan, at the Bassel Fleihan Institute

12:00 Ministry of Public Health and the European Union jointly hold press conference, to launch a joint health program, in collaboration with UNICEF and the World Health Organization

12:00 Kuwait Ambassador to Lebanon Abdel Aal Al-Qinai to deliver a word during a press conference for the project of educating Syrian refugees, at the Kuwaiti Embassy

17:00 Lebanese Forces Leader Samir Geagea patronizes a Christmas Recital in Maarab

19:00 Qatari ambassador holds a reception ceremony marking the Qatari national day at Phoenicia hotel in Beirut

=========== R.K.

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