Aoun receives proposal to reduce deficit, control of public funds: Economic conditions will be government's priority upon formation

Tue 13 Nov 2018 at 15:24 Politics

NNA - President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, stressed that "the delicate and difficult economic situation that the country is going through as a result of accumulations of previous years and unexpected events in the Middle East and the world require an effort to find the necessary solutions. This will top the priorities' list of the next government upon its formation, especially since the foundations of these solutions are clear and need the participation of all, officials as well as economic, social and labor forces."

President Aoun's words came during his meeting at the Baabda Palace with President of the Economic and Social Council, Charles Arbeed, President of the Lebanese Economic Authorities, Mohammad Choucair, and President of the General Labor Confederation, Bechara Asmar, who briefed him on "the current economic, social and labor situation in view of the increasing pressure on business institutions resulting from the developments in Lebanon, including the government crisis."

Discussions dwelled on the working paper approved by the representatives of seven major parties who met upon the invitation of the Economic and Social Council, consisting of 22 actions that focus on reducing public expenditure, reforming pension and delivery systems, regulating public administration and establishing new financial controls and policies, Arbeed explained.

President Aoun also welcomed a delegation of the Union of Importers and Exporters of Vegetables and Fruits in Lebanon headed by Naeem Saleh Khalil, thanking the President for his efforts to open the Naseeb crossing to facilitate the passage of Lebanese products to traditional Arab markets and to the possibility of exploring other crossings so that Lebanese exports could restore their normal activity.

The delegation urged President Aoun to continue his efforts with officials in Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia to provide the possible facilitations for Lebanese exports, especially in terms of reducing taxes and fees on exchanged agricultural products.

The President of the Union of Truck Owners, Shafiq al-Qais, handed the President of the Republic a memorandum of the demands of the transport sector, "especially with relation to the work of trucks which carry agricultural and industrial products through the Naseeb crossing and other crossings that are still closed."

Aoun stressed his interest in "improving the economic situation," adding that he would "complete the necessary contacts with officials in the three Arab countries in order to overcome the obstacles facing the flow of Lebanese products of all kinds."

President Aoun also gave his directives to "the concerned authorities to provide the necessary assistance to the importers and exporters of vegetables and fruit in Lebanon and the owners of trucks."


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