Sixth International meetings of Defence takes place at headquarters of Special Tribunal for Lebanon

Mon 12 Nov 2018 at 19:10 Law

NNA - In a press release by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL), it said: "The Sixth International Meetings of the Defence were held from 8 to 9 November 2018 at the headquarters of the STL in Leidschendam. They were organised by the Defence Office of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL), with the support of the Association of Defence Counsel practising before the International Courts and Tribunals (ADC-ICT), the International Criminal Court Bar Association (ICCBA), and the Office of Public Counsel for the Defence at the International Criminal Court (OPCD).

The Meetings opened on 8 November with welcome addresses from the President of the STL, Ms Ivana Hrdlickov, the President of the ICCBA, Mr Chief Charles Taku, the President of the ADC-ICT Ms Colleen Rohan, and the Head of Defence Office of the STL, Ms Dorothe Le Fraper du Hellen. There was also a keynote speech from His Honour Judge Sir Howard Morrison.

The first day included discussions before representatives from the diplomatic community on the contribution of the defence to international criminal justice and the relationship between the defence and the other actors in the field of international criminal justice. Two roundtable discussions, made up of legal practitioners, were held on these topics. One was chaired by H.E. Ms Sabine Eva Nlke, Ambassador of Canada to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the other by H.E. Mr Abdel Sattar Issa, Ambassador of Lebanon to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Mr Franois Roux, the former Head of Defence Office of the STL, gave the closing speech on this first day.

On 9 November, the Meetings continued in the presence of professionals working for the defence. These mainly comprised lawyers practising before national or international criminal jurisdictions, representatives of bar associations and lawyers associations, and members of the defence offices of the various international criminal tribunals. Following a presentation on the legal tools available to the defence, two roundtable discussions were given over to the challenges faced by the defence over the past year before each of the international criminal jurisdictions. Working sessions in the afternoon focussed on matters relating to detention and new trials, with the aim of strengthening defence capacity in those areas.

The Meetings also provided the opportunity to present an exhibition by students from the Design Academy Eindhoven, inspired by the work of the defence before the international criminal tribunals.

The Meetings ended with the adoption of a joint statement delivered by Mr Emile Aoun, Defence Counsel at the STL and Representative of the Chair of the Beirut Bar Association, following which Ms Dorothe Le Fraper du Hellen thanked all those taking part for their contribution to the success of the event." --STL

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