Berglin inspects German funded projects in Akkar

Wed 07 Nov 2018 at 19:42 Economy

NNA - German Ambassador to Lebanon, Jorg Berglin, on Wednesday inspected several development projects funded by the German Development Fund in a number of Akkari villages and towns, in cooperation with municipalities.

Ambassador Berglin was accompanied by Embassy work team, Deputy Regional Director of the International Labor Organization, and Director of the German Development Fund (KFW)

Berglin and his accompanying delegation had several stop overs during the tour, inclduing respectively the Issam Fares Municipal Center in Halba, Wadi Khaled region, and western Talabas town, where he conducted a field tour on a number of agricultural projects (agricultural roads) within the program of intensive employment and infrastructure in Lebanon.

Concluding his visit, Berglin said that this initiative aims to benefit host communities from all these infrastructure-related services and to create temporary jobs for the host Lebanese and the displaced Syrians.

The German Ambassador also stressed that the project aims to secure better living conditions for the Syrian refugees and the Lebanese locals.

He also underlined the importance of creating jobs for women as a priority for the German government.

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