Eight young artists win the 'Boghossian Foundation Award' for Film, Children's Literature, Painting, Dance and Design

Sun 14 Oct 2018 at 20:09 Entertainment

NNA - The Boghossian Art Foundation celebrated the annual distribution of its "Young Lebanese Artists Award" at Villa Aoudeh in Beirut on Sunday, in the presence of Caretaker Culture Minister's Representative, Anne Marie Affeish; Ambassador of Belgium Hubert Cormann; President of the Foundation, Artist Jean Boghossian, and the Foundation's Director in Beirut, Marie Boghossian Salameh, alongside a large number of prominent dignitaries.

In her delivered speech on the occasion, Salameh explained that the prize "is usually awarded in the categories of drawing, design, dance and children's literature."

She added: "The Foundation, based in Brussels, has decided to add the film category to the award in partnership with the Lebanese Cinema Foundation."

"The award, presented since 1992, has given talented Lebanese young people the opportunity to expose their work in Europe and exchange experiences with Arab and foreign artists in the Brussels spaces where every winner has a minimum of one month...and some of whose names are now international," Salameh went on.

"Supporting these young people, communicating their ideas and developing their talents reflect the goal of this award, which we celebrate today," she said.

In her word on behalf of Caretaker Culture Minister Ghattas Khoury, Affeish thanked the Boghossian Foundation for its "constant support for educational, artistic and cultural projects."

"It embodies [the Foundation] its deep-rooted conviction in the youth's role and creativity in promoting the cultural process of the country," said Affeish.

She also commended the Foundation for its "continuous effort and contribution to this cultural and educational message that will develop the facets of our Lebanese society and build bridges for the convergence of different civilizations and cultures."

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