Chidiac at ceremony honoring journalists reprimands continuous pressure to curb media, freedom of expression

Fri 12 Oct 2018 at 13:51 Miscellaneous
NNA - May Chidiac Foundation held its seventh annual ceremony in honor of journalists at the Arena Seaside Hall in BIEL, in the presence of Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, and other senior politicians and magnates.

Attending the ceremony had also been National News Agency Director, Laure Sleiman, and other media, economic, and social figures.

"Constant pressure is being exerted against journalists and freedom of expression to the extent of exposure to intimidation, insults, and even prison sentences," Chidiac said in a word she had delivered during the ceremony.

"Our meeting today is not a mere social occasion; it is a pause to gauge our cultural values; the values of freedom, democracy, justice, and human rights, which outline the basis of the human civilization," Chidiac added.

"Unfortunately, the modern world, in which we live today, is suffering from a decline in respect for cultural values, especially for freedom of opinion and expression. Incidents of assaults on media have become more frequent, ranging from verbal assaults and physical attacks, to arbitrary imprisonment," Chidiac said in regret.

She noted that a quick look at the indicators of international organizations that deal with the freedom of the press and expression was sufficient to highlight the deterioration of freedom and the condition of the media.


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