Jreissati, Hrdlickova discuss STL judicial stages progress

Thu 11 Oct 2018 at 14:59 Law

NNA - Caretaker Minister of Justice, Salim Jreissati, discussed with the President of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, Judge Ivana Hrdlickova, the course of the judicial stages of the tribunal.

"In my capacity as Minister of Justice, I expressed in the name of the Lebanese government a concern that has two aspects: The first is to know the truth as to the assassination of Prime Minister Rafic Hariri and his companions; this assassination being the main task of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. The second concern is time because time in Lebanon is costly as is known. The International Tribunal is the only court in the world that is financed by the country concerned on a half expenses basis and Lebanon is paying for half the expenses," said Jreissati.

"Time is the basis for the truth in accordance with the highest standards of international criminal justice, as stated in resolution 1757, its annexes and the rules of procedure and evidence of the Court. This time is also precious in terms of the high annual financial cost of this court. It was agreed to accelerate the issuance of verdicts in their preliminary stage," he said.


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