Tinenti to NNA: UNIFIL's area of operations calm, Israeli violations undermine efforts to reach permanent ceasefire

Wed 03 Oct 2018 at 17:13 Politics

NNA - "The situation in the UNIFIL area of operations is calm and stable," UNIFIL spokesman Andrea Tinenti said in his chat with the National News Agency correspondent in Tyre. "Despite the statements we hear, the situation is stable and the mission is acting in full commitment to maintaining stability and a cessation of hostilities."

"The security environment in southern Lebanon today is strategically different from the situation that prevailed 12 years ago, thanks to the joint efforts of the UNIFIL and its strategic partner, the Lebanese Armed Forces, and owing to the commitment of the parties to a cessation of hostilities," he told the NNA.

On UNIFIL's position over the Israeli air violations, Tenenti said that "the UNIFIL reports all the violations to the UN Security Council, and all the Israeli flights are included in the periodic reports."

"Condemnation letters are also addressed by the UNIFIL to the Israeli army over those aerial violations, with requests for immediate halt," he stressed.
"These violations of Lebanese sovereignty undermine the cessation of hostilities and the efforts to achieve permanent ceasefire."

Asked whether the UNIFIL feared any military action amidst talks of Israeli border activity, Tenenti responded: "UNIFIL continues to work closely with all the parties to help keep the area of operations stable. From the UNIFIL's point of view, and in the context of our mandate, the most important consideration is the continued commitment of the parties to a cessation of hostilities and to full cooperation with the UNIFIL."


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