Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Sun 23 Sep 2018 at 18:16 Agenda

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9:00 Workshop on media language techniques, organized by the UNESCO Regional Office in Beirut in partnership with "Smart Center" in Lebanon, within the framework of the program devoted to "Developing the Performance and Management of Media Institutions in Lebanon," taking place at the UNESCO Beirut office in Bir Hassan (opposite the Sports City)

11:30 Press conference by the Lebanese Institute for Market Studies (LIMS) to present a study on solutions to the drinking water pollution crisis at zero cost, taking place at the Press Club in Furn El-Shebbak

14:30 National Economic Conference on "Saving Lebanon from the difficult economic situation through the immediate formation of the government", called for by heads of economic bodies, free professionals and the General Labor Union, to be held at the Union's headquarters in Corniche Al-Nahr

17:30 Awards ceremony for undergraduate students who have won the first three places in the poster competition inspired by the Army and Independence Day of 2018, organized by the Lebanese Army Command's General Directorate at the Central Military Club in Manara

17:30 Sit-in by Labor Unions' National Confederation at Riad El-Solh Square in Central Beirut

17:30 Sit-in by members of the committee in defense of tenants' rights in Lebanon, in objection to the new Rent Law, taking place at Riad El-Solh Square in downtown Beirut

18:00 "Fifty Years of Muslim-Christian Dialogue, Future Reviews and Prospects", encounter with the Secretary-General of the Christian Islamic National Committee for Dialogue, Mohammed Al-Sammak, in the framework of a series of monthly dialogue meetings organized by the Center for Civilization of Islamic Thought Development on "The Experience of Islamic-Christian Dialogue in Lebanon" - taking place at the Center's lecture hall in Bir Hassan

18:00 Closing ceremony of the fifth edition of the "Youth Leadership Program" organized by the "Nahdat Lebnan" Association with the aim of developing political and party work, taking place at Quantum House - Sursok Street, Ashrafieh

18:30 French Ambassador Bruno Foucher awards, on behalf of the French government, the Order of Arts and Letters (of a Knight's rank) to Lebanese Composer, Oud Player and Singer Marcel Khalife, in honor of his musical contributions and long-time achievements - taking place at the Pine Palace

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