Mona Mazbouh back in Beirut after being released by Egyptian authorities

Fri 14 Sep 2018 at 08:17 Miscellaneous

NNA - Mona Al-Mazbouh arrived back in Beirut at 1:00 am on Friday after being liberated from prison by the Egyptian authorities.

In a word to the press, Mazbouh thanked Egyptian President, Abdul Fatah Sisi, and the Egyptian authorities in general, for their “kind treatment”. She said that her experience had taught her “a big lesson”.

Mazbouh was arrested by the Egyptian authorities after a video of her lashing out and insulting the Egyptian people had been released.

However, Mazbouh said that the video was montaged in way which made her seem as if she was addressing all the Egyptian people. She explained that expressions stressing that her message was not addressed to all had been removed.

“I couldn’t control myself due to the side effects I had suffered after undergoing a surgical operation. (...) This experience has taught me a big lesson,” Mazbouh added, expressing her love for Egypt and the Egyptian people.

=============Rana Hajj

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