Geagea congratulates new Australian Prime Minister, says looking forward to discussing mutual interests

Wed 12 Sep 2018 at 11:22 Politics
NNA - Lebanese Forces leader, Samir Geagea, sent a congratulatory letter to Australian Liberal Party Chairman, Scott John Morrison, on the occasion of assuming the Australian premiership.

"It is important to recognize the fact that Australia, for many years, has shown genuine solidarity with immigrant issues; it has shown solidarity with those migrating from the Middle East to Australia, and most specifically with Lebanese citizens, whom you had handled with care in your capacity as Minister of Migration and Border Security back then," Geagea's letter read.

The LF leader said that the Lebanese Forces looked up to Australia because of its great role making world peace, not to mention being a major player in the global system.

The Lebanese Forces in Australia have had a fair and dignified opportunity to make their voices heard and to raise issues related to the Middle East, Geagea added.

"You have also shown concern to our country, Lebanon, and its attempt to fight for parliamentary democracy. There are many Australians across Australian territories who share the Lebanese heritage and pride being Australians of Lebanese descent. They are also concerned and interested that their country of origin boasts as much justice and democracy as your country," the letter added.

"I look forward to discussing with you some matters of mutual interest relating the Middle East, and specifically those involving Christians, knowing beforehand that you respect all religious groups, especially those who have demonstrated a remarkable and honoralble role within any society in which they existed," Geagea's letter to the Australian Prime Minister concluded.

==================Rana Hajj

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