Information Branch arrests two Syrians for planning terrorist attacks in Southern Suburb, army members assassination

Mon 10 Sep 2018 at 10:31 Security

NNA - The Information Branch has arrested two Syrians for belonging to terrorist Daesh group and for planning terrorist attacks in Beirut's Southern Suburb (Dahiye), as well as for killing members of the Lebanese army, as indicated in a communiqué by the Internal Security Forces on Monday.

"The Internal Security Forces' Information Branch managed to detect suspicious activity carried out by W.R., a Syrian born in 1996, and subsequently arrested him in the locality of Aramoun," the communiqué read.

During the interrogations, the detainee admitted to belonging to Daesh, and to having contacted A.KH., Syrian, with whom he planned for terrorist operations in the Southern Suburb and for the assassination of members of the Lebanese army.

A.KH. was later arrested in the southern town of Ansarieh.

===========Rabab Housseiny

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