Ambassador Seif concludes her tour of the Bekaa with a Mass in the town of Haush Barada

Sun 09 Sep 2018 at 18:23 Miscellaneous

NNA - Head of the International Ambassadors Association in the United States, Ambassador Graziella Seif, concluded her three-day tour of the Bekaa on Sunday by partaking in a Mass at Saint George Church in the town of Haush Barada, during which she honored Artist Maroun Yaghi for his efforts in drawing murals and icons to decorate the church walls.

"The aim of the visit is to encourage all initiatives and praise the coexistence of the people of Northern Bekaa, and the Lebanese in general. We, as the Union of International Ambassadors in the United States of America, support all humanitarian initiatives that highlight the civilized facets of Lebanon," said Ambassador Seif.

On her Baalbek tour, Seif commended the region's citizens "for their tireless efforts to restore the glory of the history of Baalbek, to promote tourism and to highlight Lebanon's civilized image towards the international community."

"We conclude our tour with the visit to the newly renovated church in the hope that this initiative will be a prelude to the return of the people to their hometown and land," said the US diplomat, adding, "I am delighted to present a certificate of appreciation to Maroun Yaghi who has completed the restoration of the church."

=================Roula Sharrouf

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