Al Jadeed lawyer: State Prosecution has no power to look into mediarelated lawsuits

Mon 03 Sep 2018 at 12:57 Law

NNA - Al-Jadeed's lawyer Maya Hable has maintained that the State Prosecution of Cassation does not enjoy the power to look into lawsuits related to the media means, in remarks made following a hearing session where the TV representatives has been questioned over accusations of stirring sectarian strife, National News Agency correspondent reported on Monday.

Hable added that both Karma al-Khayat, the TV's vice-president, and news director Mariam Bassam, remained silent and refused to answer the Prosecutor's questions.

"It is surprising that a channel like al-Jadeed is accused of stirring sectarian discord," Bassam said.

It is to note that al-Jadeed lawyers has requested to forward the lawsuit to the special court of publications.

==========Rabab Housseiny

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