Aoun adamant to proceed with reform march

Fri 10 Aug 2018 at 15:12 Politics

NNA - President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, on Friday disclosed that a comprehensive and practical plan has been devised to combat corruption, which includes radical administrative, functional and structural reforms.

President Aoun's fresh remarks came during his meeting at Baabda palace this morning with Head of the General Labor Confederation, Beshara Asmar, and an accompanying GLC delegation.

Aoun said the aforementioned plan awaits government formation for its implementation.

"The realization of this plan will be one of the priorities of the work of the new government and will put those who declare their support to fight corruption in front of their responsibilities," Aoun told GLC delegation.

The head of state called on the GLC to "directly contribute to the reform process," and stressed that the reform march shall achieve its objectives through peaceful and legal means.

Aoun also stressed that "the demands of the General Labor Confederation and other sectors are at the forefront of the state's concerns."

The President also indicated that "the national economic plan, which has been completed, will be forwarded to the Council of Ministers after the formation of the new government for discussion, approval and implementation."

Aoun noted that such a plan would contribute to shifting the Lebanese economy from "economic rent" to an economy covering all productive sectors.

On the other hand, Aoun met with a delegation of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Agriculture, and Lebanese Arak producers, who briefed the President on the current situation of the Arak sector and plans to market it at home and abroad.

The President deemed the Lebanese Arak as a "promising Lebanese heritage product" wishing the delegation all success in their endeavors the market such a product in the domestic and foreign markets.

================= Lina Younis

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