Qabalan says won't remain idle over insulting Imam Mahdi

Thu 12 Jul 2018 at 15:36 Politics

NNA - Head of the Supreme Islamic Shiite Council Sheikh Abdul Karim Qabalan, vowed in a statement on Thursday, not to remain idle over any attempt to insult Imam Mahdi, warning that unrestrained media can take a destructive toll on the country and put civil peace at stake.

Qabalan's statement followed last night's episode of director Charbel Khalil's satiric TV show that airs on al-Jadeed.

"Imam Mahdi represents the essence of our existence and lives, and we do not care about what others may think. Any attempt to insult this divine figure means a huge disaster over which we will not remain idle," the statement read.

"We urge the government, the Information Minister, and the judiciary to act responsibly," it said.

"Media chaos will destroy the country," it warned.


=======Rabab Housseiny

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