GHI Academy at AUB collaborates with Swisscross Foundation to establish Center for Research and Education in Ecology of War (CREEW)

Wed 04 Jul 2018 at 12:57 Education & Culture
NNA - The Global Health Institute (GHI) Academy at the American University of Beirut (AUB) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Swisscross Foundation. The signing ceremony took place at AUB in the presence of AUB President Dr. Fadlo R. Khuri and Executive VP for Medicine and Global Strategy Dr. Mohamed Sayegh.

The MoU outlines a collaborative framework to establish a Center for Research and Education in the Ecology of War (CREEW). CREEW will contribute to the capacity building of health professionals in war zones, as well as generation and dissemination of knowledge and best practices for humanitarian assistance to victims of armed conflict.

War affects human health not only in terms of the direct impact of the violence of bombs and bullets but, also, as a consequence of the disruption of economic and social systems. The physical, psychological, and social wounds that result from armed conflict and their long-term consequences are poorly understood by health professionals. Research is a necessity to identify and address their clinical and social impact and to study the way people address their health needs.

"We need to better enhance the capacity of health professionals to understand the long term consequences of armed conflict, the social, medical and psychological impact on the victims of war, as well as the resulting effects on the global society. For this venture, we could not have found a better more credible partner than AUB and its Global Health Institute, for its commitment to challenge these issues in order to find relevant solutions for the needs of the region and the world," said Dr. Enrique Steiger, Founder of the Swisscross Foundation.

"This partnership with Swisscross Foundation will support one of GHI Academy's strategic role in advancing context-specific global health literacy and professional development. CREEW will equip frontline health practitioners from conflict zones with the essential skills to conduct research into the relationship between health and war," said Dr. Shadi Saleh, Founding Director of the Global Health Institute.

Swisscross is a non-profit foundation, based in Zurich, Switzerland. It is chaired by its Founder, Dr. Enrique Steiger, and aims to provide support and share expertise in diverse fields, including the provision of healthcare to populations affected by armed conflict.

The GHI Academy is the capacity-building arm of GHI, which aims at promoting and fostering 'local' global health leadership and contextualizing knowledge and tools to address global health challenges. The GHI Academy serves as the capacity-building hub in the Global South for contextualized smart learning and capacity building.


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