Sunday, June 24, 2018

Fri 22 Jun 2018 at 10:04 Agenda


Time Topic

8:00 am Elections of nurses' union, at the headquarters of the Pharmacists' Association in Adlieh.

12:00 pm Ceremony organized by Fair Trade Lebanon on the occasion of the World Fair Trade Day at St. George's Convent, Roumieh, Kleiait.

1:00 pm Sit-in in Riad Solh by "My Nationality, My Dignity" campaign in refusal of the naturalization decree.

4:00 pm Festival organized by the Communist Party, on the occasion of the Communist Martyr Day, at the citadel of Chkif Arnoun.

6:00 pm Mass of St. John, celebrated by the Archbishop of Beirut, Mgr. Boulos Matar, at Hekme College, Brasilia.

6:00 pm Cultural activity organized by Tachnag party student association, in Gemmayzeh, marking the 103rd commemoration of the Armenian Genocide and in solidarity with the persecuted peoples, under the title of "No Culture Left Behind".

======================Rana Hajj

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