Nasrallah on Liberation Day: Sanctions will not delay cabinet, Hezbollah's call for its rapid formation is to Lebanon's interest

Fri 25 May 2018 at 20:42 Politics

NNA - Celebrating 18 years since the liberation of the South and West Beqaa, Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah marked the "Resistance and Liberation Day" on Friday in a televised speech, headlined "Victory Suits You!"

Nasrallah seized the occasion to touch on the imposed sanctions on the resistance, reassuring that "they will not delay the new cabinet formation, for Hezbollah has been on the terrorist list since the nineties." He added that his Party's call for a rapid government formation is to the country's benefit.

Referring to said sanctions, Nasrallah stated, "The harm is not in placing me and my brethrens on the terrorist lists, but in placing companies, entities and associations that have business and investment projects in Lebanon and abroad on these lists." He added that the harm that would befall these companies should not be underestimated, urging the Lebanese State to "protect them, because they are Lebanese, and also not to keep up with the American sanctions."

"The US and its regional tools have targets, including pressure on the supportive environment to the resistance, punishing it financially, economically and psychologically, as well as scaring its allies and friends, cutting off funding sources for Hezbollah and resistance in Lebanon, and resistance movements in the region," Nasrallah went on.

"In this framework comes the pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran, particularly in demanding it to stop the funding of Islamic resistance movements, institutions, martyrs and wounded," he added.

Nasrallah asserted that "the culture of resistance and the people's belief in it cannot be defeated," adding, "This siege and its objectives can be overcome through steadfastness."

Hezbollah Secretary-General disclosed that he is not concerned about the situation in the region. He also described the steps to elect the Speaker of the House and the appointment of the Prime Minister-designate to form a new government as "positive steps."

Regarding the cabinet portfolios, Nasrallah said, "Hezbollah has not set conditions, but looks forward to a serious government with the widest representation of the political forces and parliamentary blocs." He hoped that these forces and blocs would fulfill their promises made during their electoral campaigns, especially concerning combating corruption and stopping public waste expenditure.

Nasrallah stressed the importance of establishing a ministry of planning, adding, "We did not ask for a sovereign ministry and we will not ask the Prime Minister-designate for a political ministry because the sovereign ministry will be the share of Amal Movement."

Referring to the recent parliamentary elections, the Secretary-General praised the achieved victory through protecting the resistance, deeming that the future can be built upon what has been accomplished.

Nasrallah called herein for "a national battle against corruption," revealing that Hezbollah is putting together a dossier against corruption to be supervised by a committee. He added that his Party would be involved in planning and communicating with allies and even those in disagreement positions, to work together to fight corruption and stop the wasting of public funds. In this context, Nasrallah announced that "Loyalty to Resistance" Bloc Member, MP Hasan Fadlallah, was commissioned to handle this dossier.

Addressing the Lebanese, Nasrallah said, "Blessed is Liberation Day, this annual junction for the Lebanese people and the peoples of the region...for it is a humanitarian and national juncture full of lessons that can be built upon...and this is what we have been doing since 2000."

The Secretary-General paid tribute to all those deserving of appreciation for their sacrifices and relentless efforts in achieving this remarkable victory in the history of Lebanon and the region.

"With the blessings of these sacrifices, the land returned to its people except for Shebaa Farms and Kfarshouba Hilltops and the Lebanese part of al-Ghajar," added Nasrallah, commending the "security, safety, freedom and dignity of the people living in border villages with occupied Palestine."

"The victory achieved has a divine, human and moral end...similarly do the events of 93 and 96, far-reaching the year of 2000," he stressed.

"God gave this victory to the people because they were worthy of it," Nasrallah underscored.

=================Roula Sharrouf

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