Saudi Arabia Ministry of Culture and Information organizes Iftar banquet for Arab journalists in Jeddah

Fri 25 May 2018 at 12:46 Miscellaneous

NNA - The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Culture and Information organized an Iftar yesterday for major Arab journalists in Jeddah.

Lebanon was represented by Press Syndicate Chief, Aouni Kaaki, Director of the National News Agency Laure Sleiman Saab, directors of the news bulletins at MTV and LBC, Ghayath Yazbek and Lara Fadel Zaloum, and Mustaqbal editorial director Ali Noun.

Speaking at the event, Saudi Minister of Culture and Information Awad bin Saleh al-Awad said that the main objective of this meeting was to "renew the bonds of communication with Arab journalists," stressing that" there is no official agenda behind this gathering."

Finally, he emphasized the important role of the Council of Arab Information Ministers in achieving a common objective of the different Arab causes of mutual interest.

============= Roula el-Kik

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