'Phoenician Ship' made of plastic bottles sails from Byblos to Beirut Port

Sun 20 May 2018 at 19:29 Miscellaneous

NNA - A Phoenician-style boat made of plastic bottles embarked Sunday morning from the shores of the Port of Byblos, sailing towards the Port of Beirut, in a novel environmental initiative by the Chreek Society, in cooperation with the Lebanese American University - Byblos Campus and Byblos Municipality.

Partaking in this cultural-environmental event was Culture Ministry Director-General Ali Samad, representing Culture Minister Ghattas Khoury, Mayor of Jbeil Wissam Zaarour, Lebanese American University President Joseph Jabbra, and Chreek Association Head George Ghafari, alongside Lebanese Red Cross and Civil Defense officials, LAU faculty and students and Byblos residents.

In his word marking the event, Zaarour described the initiative as "an environmental symbol because the boat is made of 50,000 plastic bottles aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of this type of waste, in addition to its cultural symbolism by embodying the Phoenician vessels that were used for trade and export of Lebanese Cedar wood through the Jbeil coast."

Zaarour named the vessel as, "Phoenician Ship", for its distinctive symbolism, praising the efforts of the Chreek Association and LAU students who worked relentlessly to yield this achievement.

Outlining the initiative objectives, Zaarour said the project aims at drawing attention to the environmental damage caused by non-sorting of waste, especially plastic waste that does not decompose in nature, and reviving the history of Phoenician Lebanon, which was famous for its manufacture of ships, contributing to the development of civilizations.

=================Roula Sharrouf

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