Interior Ministry affirms there are no lost votes

Fri 18 May 2018 at 18:04 Parliamentary Elections

NNA - The Parliamentary elections' Central Operations Room within the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities issued on Friday a statement to comment on the misunderstanding over some expatriates' votes, so as to “resolve any dispute regarding the role of the Ministry of the Interior and Municipalities in collecting the results of the parliamentary elections and calculating them, and to prevent any misinterpretation," explaining the following:

"The Central Operations Room had already clarified, at the dawn of Monday 7 May 2018, and in an interview with Personal Status Director-General, Brigadier General Elias Khoury, published on Al-Nashra website, that there are no votes lost, and the issue was only due to an error made by some heads of polling stations abroad…

The opening of expats’ ballot boxes (...) -- which were sealed with red wax -- was carried out at the higher registration committees in Beirut after the boxes were transferred from the Rafik Hariri International Airport to the Central Bank under the watchful eye of the Internal Security Forces, and in the presence of the media.

Thus, after the higher registration committees sent the envelopes to the primary registration committees, also under the protection of elements of the Internal Security Forces, they were opened and counted before the delegates of each district.

One again, the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities confirms its non involvement in what happened at the registration committees or in the process of collecting and calculating the results."

       =======Daisy Khalil

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