Salam visits Hariri: The country cannot afford any obstruction

Thu 17 May 2018 at 19:02 Politics

NNA - Prime Minister Saad Hariri received this afternoon at the Grand Serail Former Prime Minister Tamam Salam who said after the meeting: “This is the first meeting with Prime Minister Hariri after the parliamentary elections. It was an occasion to discuss the coming period. Prime Minister Hariri has taken upon himself to consolidate the state and its institutions in order to meet the needs of citizens.

For my part, my relation and alliance with Premier Hariri continue in a strong and promising way, so that we work together with all those loyal to the country in order to achieve security, stability, moderation, development and progress for Lebanon and the Lebanese. The first work for Premier Hariri is the formation of a government, and I wish him all the best, especially since the country has no time to waste. We wish him good luck and we are by his side, always, in everything.”

Question: Do you think the formation of a new government will take time?
Salam: We hope not because the country needs work. It is true that the government dealt with a lot of files, most importantly the elections, in addition to the budget, conferences and many other achievements. It is only normal to have a new government after the elections, and I think that its formation will not take long because any political party that will hinder the formation for a portfolio or anything else will bear the responsibility of the hindrance. The country cannot afford any obstruction or delay and Prime Minister Hariri is determined to assume full responsibility in the formation of the government. The election of a Speaker and bureau of parliament should take place soon without any delay that would reflect negatively on the country.

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