Sunday, April 22, 2018

Fri 20 Apr 2018 at 09:36 Agenda

Time Topic

11:00 Meeting for the "Free Decision" electoral list-Aley District, at al-Karmeh Restaurant, in presence of Kataeb and National Liberal Party heads, MPs Sami Gemayel and Dori Chamoun.

11:00 Mass service upon the invitation of MP Emile Rahme, at Saint Georges Church, Hoch Barda.

17:00 Agrytech Hackathon awards' distribution, under the auspices of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, in Mkalles.

18:30 Mass service chaired by Beirut Maronite Archbishop Mgr. Boulos Matar, upon Saint George Day, at Saint Georges Cathedral, Downtown Beirut.

19:00 Celebration of the National Day of students with learning difficulties, at Haigazian University, under the auspices of Ministers Marwan Hamade (Education and Higher Learning) and Pierre Bou Assi (Social Affairs).

=========Rabab Housseiny

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